11 Unbeatable Ninja Woodfire Grill Tips You Wish You Knew Sooner

Ever dreamed of becoming a pro at utilizing your Ninja Woodfire Grill to achieve those perfect wood-fired results? Well, we’ve got just what you need.

Check out these 10 Ninja Woodfire grill tips and tricks designed to elevate your grilling game to the next level.

ninja woodfire hacks

Top 10 Ninja Woodfire Grill Tips And Tricks

1. Read the Owner’s Manual:

My first tip is straightforward but often overlooked. Read the owner’s manual.

Many of us tend to toss it aside, but it’s a goldmine of information that can answer your questions and guide you through the setup and operation of your Ninja Woodfire Grill. Don’t skip this essential step.

2. Ignore the Recipe Book:

The recipe book that comes with your grill might not be your best friend. It’s created by test kitchen chefs and doesn’t always align with the best barbecue or grilling practices.

Consider looking for content created by experienced grillers for a more reliable source of recipes and techniques.

3. Pellet Selection:

You don’t need to use Ninja brand pellets exclusively. Any food-safe pellets will work. I’ve successfully used Pit Boss, Traeger, and even off-brand pellets.

You have pellet options, so explore and find what suits you best.

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4. Avoid Overfilling Pellets:

In the pellet box, avoid overfilling. The owner’s manual states you can fill it to the top, but don’t let it overflow.

Overfilled pellets could lead to flare-ups due to excess oxygen. Keep it safe and within the recommended limit.

5. Controlling Smoke Intensity:

The Ninja Woodfire Grill can produce intense smoke, which might overpower your food. To control the smoke intensity, avoid placing your food in the grill until the initial heavy smoke from the ignition process has subsided.

This ensures you get a balanced, not overly smoky flavor.

6. Cooking with the Lid Open:

Ninja Woodfire Grill Tips

When grilling thinner cuts of meat, like steaks or fish, consider cooking with the lid open. Since the grill’s heating element is beneath, you can achieve a great sear without needing the top-down heat.

This is especially useful when quick-cooking.

7. Using the Griddle Plate:

Ninja offers a griddle plate that sits on top of the grill plate. You can use it for various recipes, like burgers, cheese steaks, pancakes, and more.

Adjust the grill settings to fit your cooking needs, and don’t forget to explore griddle recipes for delicious options.

8. Wood Fire Flavor in Different Functions:

You can add wood fire flavor to your cooking regardless of the function you choose, be it grilling, smoking, baking, roasting, or air frying.

Just turn to your desired function and hit the wood fire button. It’s a versatile tool for infusing that smoky goodness.

9. Adjust Cooking Temperatures:

Remember that the Ninja Woodfire Grill’s compact design influences temperature control. For most recipes, consider reducing the temperature by about 25 degrees compared to traditional outdoor grills. This will help you achieve excellent results without overcooking.

10. Timing and Internal Temperatures:

Finally, when cooking with your Ninja Woodfire Grill, prioritize internal temperatures over fixed time limits. The grill’s performance depends on several factors, so using instant-read or wireless thermometers to gauge doneness is key.

Be mindful of the meat’s thickness, cooking temperature, and target internal temperature.

11. Using the Right Accessories:

To optimize your Ninja Woodfire Grill experience, it’s essential to have the right accessories at your disposal.

These tools can help you maintain your grill, enhance your cooking precision, and make the entire process smoother.

Top Ninja Woodfire Grill Accessories

Conclusion: Ninja Woodfire Grill Hacks

In conclusion, the Ninja Woodfire Grill is a fantastic cooking tool that’s perfect for apartment dwellers, condo owners, and anyone looking for a versatile and convenient way to enjoy the flavors of grilling and smoking. It’s a gateway to the world of outdoor cooking without the need for a large grill or smoker.

I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone interested in elevating their grilling game. If you’re considering getting one, you can find the product link below, and using it helps support the channel.

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