15 Mexican Grilled Fish Recipes

If you are a fan of seafood and Mexican cuisine, then you are in for a treat! In this blog, we are going to explore 15 delicious Mexican grilled fish recipes that will satisfy your taste buds and transport you to the sunny beaches of Mexico. 

15 Mexican Grilled Fish Recipes

From traditional favorites like grilled fish tacos to unique and flavorful dishes like adobo-marinated fish skewers, you will find a recipe that suits your preferences and culinary skills. So, grab your apron, and let’s dive into the world of Mexican grilled fish recipes!

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Can I use different types of fish for these recipes?

When making these recipes, you can choose different types of fish such as tilapia, cod, or halibut. The possibility to select various types of fish allows you to customize your own culinary experience according to your taste. 

From tilapia for those who love its mildness to cod lovers, the recipes have space for all the fish options. This makes the Mexican grilled fish dishes very versatile and can help you to appreciate a wide range of flavors and textures. 

Don’t miss the chance to experiment and find the ideal combination of fish and flavors, enjoying a satisfying meal that satisfies your taste.

Top Mexican Grilled Fish Recipes

1- Grilled Fish With Chile-Citrus Sauce

Experience the lively taste of Pescado Zarandeado (Grilled Fish with Chile-Citrus Sauce). Add achiote paste, chilies, lime juice, orange juice, grated garlic, olive oil, and soy sauce. Saute bell pepper and red onion. Marinate and season butterflied red snapper. Grill and serve with warm tortillas.

Full Recipe Here

2- Mexican Grilled Red Snapper

Enjoy Mexican Grilled Red Snapper. Marinate red snapper fillets in a combination of mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, Worcestershire sauce, low-sodium soy sauce, tomato paste, lime zest, lime juice, guajillo chile and arbol chile with minced garlic salt and pepper.

Grill with perfection for a tasty and spicy fish dish. Here’s a delicious and simple-to-prepare recipe for you to enjoy.

Full Recipe Here

3- Grilled Fish Tacos

Tacos made with grilled fish are delicious. White fish fillets seasoned with salt and pepper. Combine the oil, lime juice, minced garlic, chili powder, ground cumin, paprika, and optional cayenne. Grill the fish after marinating it.

For a delicious and quick taco experience, serve in white corn tortillas. Have fun eating these delicious and filling grilled fish tacos.

Full Recipe Here

4- Pan Fried Garlic Lime Tilapia

Enjoy Pan-Fried Garlic Lime Tilapia. Season tilapia fillets with salt and pepper. Saute in a combo of olive oil, minced garlic, and lime juice until golden brown and done. It is a simple and tasty dish, ideal for an excellent weeknight dinner.

Full Recipe Here

5- Tikin Xic (Yucatan Grilled Fish in Banana Leaves)

Enjoy Tikin Xic, Yucatan Grilled Fish in Banana Leaves. Marinate fish fillets in achiote paste with orange juice, lime juice, garlic, oregano, cumin, allspice and salt.

The meat is to be wrapped in banana leaves and grilled for a smoky, tasty dish. This Yucatecan specialty offers a splash of bright and fragrant flavors, so savor it.

Full Recipe Here

6- Mexican Style Tilapia Fish Dinner

Enjoy a Mexican-style tilapia Fish Dinner. Tilapia fillets are seasoned with a mixture of Mexican spices, including cumin, paprika, garlic powder, and chili powder. Grill or bake to perfection.

You can serve this dish with your favorite sides, such as rice, beans, and salsa for a satisfying Mexican-style meal. You’ll love the delicious taste of this healthy meal.

Full Recipe Here

7- Veracruz Style Red Snapper

Enjoy the delicious tastes of Veracruz Style Red Snapper. Salt and pepper are used to season red snapper fillets.

A delicious sauce can be made by sautéing onions, garlic, and bell peppers. With the touch of tomatoes, capers, olives, jalapeños and herbs. Heat and pour the sauce over grilled or baked red snapper. This is a classic Veracruz-style dish with tart and savory flavors.

Full Recipe Here

8- Arroz a la Tumbada

Arroz a la Tumbada is a Mexican delicacy from Veracruz that combines rice with shrimp, fish, and shellfish. It is a savory, hearty dish filled with tomatoes, garlic, onions, and spices that capture the essence of Mexico’s coastal regions.

Full Recipe Here

9- Contramar’s Grilled Red Snapper with Green Sauce

The Grilled Red Snapper with Green Sauce of Contramar is one of the most famous Mexican dishes. The red snapper is grilled to absolute perfection and served with a tantalizing green sauce that is made from herbs, chilies, and other spices. This classic dish from Contramar, a restaurant in Mexico, captures the essence of fresh seafood and tangy flavors.

Full Recipe Here

10 –Pescado Empapelado (Mexican Fish in Foil Packets)

The Pescado Empapelado, also known as Mexican Fish in Foil Packets, is a mouthwatering dish with fish fillets seasoned and cooked individually in foil packets.

The packets keep flavors, making sure that the meal is delicious and seasoned. It is the perfect way to enjoy fish infused with savory flavors.

Full Recipe Here

11- Grilled Mexican Fish Foil Pack

Grilled Mexican Fish Foil Pack is an easy and tasty preparation. Fish fillets are seasoned with Mexican spices, wrapped in foil, and grilled. This method traps flavors, making the dish juicy and properly seasoned. Take advantage of the ease and pleasure of this foil-packet grilled Mexican-style fish.

Full Recipe Here

12- Mexican Style Grilled Fish (Sarandeado)

Sarandeado is a delicious dish of Mexican-style grilled Fish where fish is marinated with achiote paste, citrus juices, and spices before being grilled. This classic Mexican dish provides a smoky, flavorful, and tart taste that highlights the rich flavors of Mexican cuisine. With every bite, you can taste the perfection of grilled food

Full Recipe Here

13- Whole Fish Mexican Style With Adobo Sauce

Enjoy Whole Fish Mexican Style with Adobo Sauce. Combine adobo sauce, citrus juices, garlic, and spices to marinate the fish. Grill to perfection for a smoky and flavorful dish that captures the essence of Mexican cooking. Enjoy this classic preparation’s luxurious and fragrant taste

Full Recipe Here

14- Mexican-style Grilled Rockfish

Enjoy the taste of Mexican-style Grilled Rockfish. Marinate the rockfish in a mix of Mexican spices, lime juice, and olive oil. Grill to perfection for a light and tasty dish that captures the essence of Mexican cuisine. Enjoy the deliciousness of grilled rockfish with a hint of Mexican flavor.

Full Recipe Here

15- Salsa Verde Grilled Cod

Appreciate the zesty tastes of Salsa Verde Grilled Cod. Cod fillets should be marinated in salsa verde, lime juice, and herbs. You can grill to perfection for an appealing and light meal that represents the spirit of Mexican cooking. Enjoy the delicious flavor of grilled cod with a spicy salsa verde.

Full Recipe Here

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