5 Best Built In Gas Grills 2023

There’s no better way to start building your outdoor kitchen than to choose the most efficient built-in grill. While significantly more can be spent on a built in BBQ grill, however, the “5 Best Built-In Grill 2022” list I have provided is still among the best without being the most costly.

There’s a lot that can gain by including a built-in gas grill in the kitchen layout and it could be the perfect solution to connect everything.

An integrated grill can be among the most crucial elements for an outdoor kitchen as it provides an ambiance that is more natural in the grilling area as opposed to a freestanding grill.

This isn’t to suggest that one is better than the other; however freestanding grills are often out of sync with the outdoor design. The minimalist design of a built-in BBQ looks elegant when paired with countertops especially when it is an all-encompassing outdoor kitchen that includes countertops, sinks, and other kitchen amenities.

Below is my list of the top 5 best built in gas grill 2022. Nothing on this list will disappoint you!

5 Best Built In Gas Grills

Blaze Professional 34” 3 Burner : Best Professional Buit-In BBQ Grill

best built-in grill 2022

The grill’s built-in construction is the most robust and durable grill in the marketplace. They are also more cost-effective as well as efficient than the other grills for ideal temperatures since they require less gas. They are able to do this because of their unique technology that makes use of the precise mixture of oxygen and fuel.

This durable model is equipped with Cast stainless steel burners (similar to the Lion Premium and Weber Summit S-460) in addition to a rotisserie set that is included for the mouth-watering rotisserie hen.

With control knobs with LEDs (like the I-GLOW from Napoleon) as well as a cooking surface that covers the capacity of 630 square inches of cooking space, you will no need to be waiting around until you can serve all the guests at the dinner party! Enjoy the perfect grilling experience without flare-ups, and clean-up is easy because of the removable baffles along with the drip tray.

Fire Magic Echelon Diamond E660i : Best Built-in BBQ Grill for A Small Family

best built-in grill above $2000

Fire Magic Echelon Diamond Series comes with the ignition on the hot surface with blue-back-lit knobs, heat zone separators, and infrared sear burners that combine the best of design, performance, and ingenuity. This built in gas grill defines luxury in grilling by combining sleek lines, a distinctive design with a contoured face, as well as modern features like hot flames on the surface as well as blue back-lit knobs, and an additional Magic View Window.

Fire Magic premium gas grills are an investment that will last for a long time. It is equipped with more than 900 square inches of cooking space (more than the Napoleon LEX), with a grilling area of 600 square inches, with a second grilling area of 244 square inches. The cooking space is perfect for families with less than four persons or those who have little space. The joy that comes from having the Fire Magic Grill lasts for a lifetime.

Summerset TRL32 32” Stainless Steel 3 Burner Built-In Gas Grill With Rotisserie Burner: Best Commercial Quality Built-In Grill

Summerset TRL32 32” Stainless Steel 3 Burner Built-In Grill With Rotisserie Burner

The solid 3-burner grill model comes with all the features you would expect to have in outdoor kitchen appliances or grills all in one. Make use of the rotisserie grill to get uniform heat distribution. It comes with a 15,000 BTU back infrared burner, sear zones with infrared, as well as solid metal burners made of stainless steel that are reliable each time.

It features two18 000 BTU burners (each) each, giving a total of 54 000 BTUs as well as fifteen thousand BTU back infrared rotisserie. The cooking surface is eight55 sq. inches. When grilling, there’s no risk of flare-ups. The burners that are sear-like, like the ones found in Napoleon can help prevent this. Summerset has a cover for the burner that adds to the delicious flavor that the grill can offer and an electric flamethrower that is able to grill the exterior on the food.

It is certainly a pleasant cooking experience. Even if you don’t require it, buying this grill comes with a lifetime guarantee. It’s very well-constructed and due to the fact that it’s constructed of stainless steel, You can be certain that it will last for a long time.

Profire Grills PF SERIES 48” Hybrid Stainless Steel: Best Built-in BBQ Grill For Large Gatherings

Profire Grills PF SERIES 48” Hybrid Stainless Steel

The Profire Professional Series hybrid natural gas grill features three controlled grilling zones and four 11,001 BTU stainless steel burners with three-2,000 BTU Ceramic infrared Searing area as well as an attached 30000 BTU dual side burner to provide a total cooking capacity that is 76,000 BTUs on the grilling surface. Self-cleaning sixteen gauge stainless steel commercial-grade flavor plates distribute heat evenly over seven14 square inches of cooking space and reduce flare-ups.

The grill is constructed of stainless steel that is commercial grade, and the double-walled grill hood features a seamless design with a polished mirror-like finish. In order to accommodate smaller items, the 5/16 inch grill grates in stainless steel have been set more closely than other grills. To make grilling more enjoyable the Profire grill comes with the charcoal smoker, a stainless-steel tray for smoking dual thermometers for different purposes, as well as an electronic multi-spark igniter.

Blaze Professional 24” Stainless Steel Built-In Grill with Infrared Burner: Best Compact Size Built-in Gas Grill For The Smaller Option

Blaze puts its Blaze Professional Grill in the position of being the industry’s top performer in terms of thickness of components and durability, which results in unmatched quality and durability, while also providing a reliable cooking system.

When compared with the top performers, Blaze Professional achieves extraordinary high temperatures for searing while sustaining an extremely low consumption of gas per burner thanks to the exact mixing of oxygen and fuel. The Professional’s Illumination system is a perfect complement to its distinctive design, creating a style that is sure to catch the attention of all admiring eyes.

Their technology, which makes the precise and perfect mixture of fuel and oxygen will ensure that the use of the grill will be cost-effective. BBQ parties can be hosted under the night sky due to the lighting system that illuminates the grill to make it easier to monitor when cooking. This model Blaze 40″ has a cast stainless steel structure to provide a larger grill.

Buyer’s Guide:

On paper all appear on the surface, everything appears to be in order. Manufacturers and guides cast the greatest light possible on every grilling item available however, you don’t know the outcome when you get built-in grills. What do you know to look for when only having specifications and product descriptions? We’re here to help you in finding the most effective heating distribution and features an outdoor barbecue grill can provide. Read our buyer’s guide as well as reviews for the fastest method to buy the perfect grill for your ideal outdoor kitchen.


Simply because you pay a premium cost and is a brand that is well-known does not assure you of a top grilling performance. Napoleon, Weber, Blaze, as well as Mont Alpi, are all excellent brands, however, they are not all created equally.


The long-term durability of grilling products is the next item on our checklist. It determines the length of time that the grilling product you buy will last. The thickness of the grill and the materials employed in the construction process are two of the factors that determine how long these items will last.

The best high-end materials, like stainless steel, are unquestionably more durable than cast iron grills. Since the grill is exposed to extreme temperatures, it is essential to protect yourself and your appliances from the heat radiating as they grill. Although the grills we have listed are very durable, it’s an excellent idea to purchase the grills with a warranty. Weber, Blaze, and Napoleon are three examples of these brand names.

Materials and Build:

The unspoken top commercial grade material is 304 Stainless steel. Most low-cost gas grills are constructed from premium stainless steel, which includes the best-of-the-best RCS grills. It’s very durable and far outlasts other grilling materials available.

They can stand up to any temperature or weather and, therefore, whether you’re having cooking in the scorching sun or heating up in the middle of winter the stainless steel grill is able to handle everything. Since they’re stainless “hence the name,” they last longer than other materials. Of course, you will pay for what you buy like with other items. The cost of a stainless steel grill of high-quality is much higher than ordinary grills.

Cooking Space:

It does not matter the features or capabilities the grill comes with but if it doesn’t have enough cooking space. Do not settle for “just enough” grilling surface space; you’ll require an ample cooking area for any dish. Grilling space is a key consideration in the design of a great backyard kitchen.

It could range between 600 to close to 1000 square inches with 760 sq. in. The Napoleon Prestige Series offers something in the middle. Choose the cooking surface you need in accordance with the number of people you’ll cook for regularly. There is a grill with an additional cooking surface that you can cook several meals at various temperatures to make sure the food is cooked properly.


Once you’ve learned something about what to look out for and what to look for, let’s take a look at the safety aspect of the burners. Gas grills that are sturdy are not just more practical and simple to use, they also are more secure! What makes a sturdy construction and a large grill good? Because it allows for greater weight and prevents the grill from tumbling in the event that the weight is dispersed unevenly. Also, it provides it has more power.

Corners and sharp edges aren’t typical hazards, so why shouldn’t we be wary of them? If the grill comes with burner covers or mechanisms that stop flare-ups from happening, that’s wonderful. Flare-ups can occur when fats and oils are heated. They can cause fires to get out of control and rise to within a few inches of the griller’s face. It’s simple to recognize the dangers that can be posed by this.

If you cook in the dark, the food you cook should be clearly evident. Reliable lighting fixtures are vital for cooks who cook at night. Grills that have meat probes, as well as thermometers built-in, are safer. Some of the top grills on the market could have alarms that are useful and alarm when something is on the verge of burning.


As we’ve said before the top option we recommend for the best built-in grill 2022 is Blaze Professional 34″ 3 Burner Built in Gas Grill. It’s among the best cooking appliances equipped with heat zone separators to permit different temperatures and the cooking of various foods simultaneously.

The thickness and stainless steel are the top choices in the market? The grill is tough and durable and will be safe for an extended period of time. Apart from the essential attributes, it also comes with LED lighting, which gives the possibility to entertain guests under the night sky. Thanks to the frightening rotisserie burner you can enjoy freshly cooked rotisserie chicken and keep everything warm until you’re done cooking.

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