15 Grilled Chicken Wrap Recipes That Steal the Show

If you’re firing up the grill for fresh chicken or repurposing leftovers, our Grilled Chicken Wrap recipes have got you covered!

If you have some juicy grilled chicken on hand, these wraps are perfect. But don’t worry if you’re using leftovers – they work just as wonderfully! With a bit of creativity, you can turn yesterday’s chicken into today’s delicious wrap.

If you’re packing a lunch, planning a picnic, or simply craving a quick and satisfying meal, these recipes are here to save the day. These wraps are not only easy to make but also versatile, you can easily customize them to your heart’s content.

I have shared my top 15 different grilled chicken wrap recipes to add variety to your meal planning.

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Best Grilled Chicken Wrap Recipes

Discover these best-grilled chicken wrap recipes, all loaded with amazing flavors so that every bite compels you to relish it.

1- Basic Grilled Chicken Wrap 

Embrace the simplicity and sweetness of our Basic Grilled Chicken Wrap recipe. Grilled tender chicken provides the perfect balance to crisp veggies held together by a light dressing, which easily binds all this together into a wrap that is simply delicious and satisfying with no frills.

Full Recipe Here

Grilled Chicken Wrap Recipes

2- Sesame Ginger Chicken Lettuce Wraps

 Enjoy the lively blend of tastes that come with our Sesame Ginger Chicken Lettuce Wraps. Chicken marinated in a tangy sesame ginger sauce served on crisp lettuce leaves is a fantastic Asian-style dish with an orchestra of flavors.

Full Recipe Here

Grilled Chicken Wrap Recipes

3- Creamy Tzatziki Grilled Chicken Wraps

Treat your taste buds with our Creamy Tzatziki Grilled Chicken Wraps to spoil them with an irresistible fusion of tastes. You will find a crunchy bite that is on grilled chicken juicy under the cool, creamy caress of tzatziki in a soft tortilla shell; in every delicious mouthful, a taste of the Mediterranean emerges.

Full Recipe Here

Grilled Chicken Wrap

4- Chicken Ranch Wraps

It’s hard to resist the delicious taste of our Chicken Ranch Wraps. The smoky, tender grilled chicken merges with crunchy bright vegetables encased in a soft tortilla. With ranch dressing bringing luscious, fatty undertones, every bite becomes a mouthful of heavenly delight.

Full Recipe Here

 Chicken Ranch Wraps

5- Grilled Chicken Wrap with Mayo Sauce

Marinate chicken in spices, and grill until cooked. Mix mayo, garlic, and lemon for sauce. Place grilled chicken in a wrap, add veggies, and drizzle with mayo sauce. Roll it up for a tasty Grilled Chicken Wrap with Mayo Sauce.

Full Recipe Here

Grilled Chicken Wrap with Mayo Sauce

6- Mediterranean Grilled Chicken Wraps

Experience a culinary adventure with our Mediterranean Grilled Chicken Wraps. Marvelously spiced juicy chicken combined with luscious vegetables and tzatziki neatly wrapped in a soft tortilla. An extraordinary meeting of culinary delights that transports the spirit to the calm of the Mediterranean.

Full Recipe Here

Mediterranean Grilled Chicken Wraps

7- Thai Chicken Wraps

Taste a flood of Thai-loaded tastes with our Thai Chicken Wraps. Coupled with a colorful assortment of fresh vegetables. The perfectly grilled chicken encased in a zesty Thai sauce makes for an enticing feast that combines sweet-spicy-savory flavors on soft tortillas for a memorable meal.

Full Recipe Here

Thai Chicken Wraps

8- Grilled Chicken & Strawberry Salad Wrap

Enjoy the right mix between sour and sweet as you get to savor the Grilled Chicken & Strawberry Salad Wrap. A perfect blend of freshness is found in tender grilled chicken, which meets fruity, juicy strawberries as a delicious filling to bring wholesome flavors in a smooth wrap.

Full Recipe Here

Grilled Chicken & Strawberry Salad Wrap

9- BBQ Chicken Wraps

The delicious BBQ Chicken Wraps are smoky and tasty. A warm soft tortilla is topped with barbecued chicken, crispy vegetables, and juicy sauce. Every bite is a mouthwatering combination of salty and sour.

Full Recipe Here

BBQ Chicken Wraps

10- Grilled Pineapple Teriyaki Chicken Wraps

Let’s set off on a tasteful journey with the Grilled Pineapple Teriyaki Chicken Wraps. Imagine a wholesome take on teriyaki but with succulent grilled chicken, pineapple sweetness, and savory teriyaki sauce all together nestled in a soft tortilla. An adventure in the culinary sphere that captivates your taste buds with an exotic balance of tropical flavors and flavorful dimensions.

Full Recipe Here

Grilled Pineapple Teriyaki Chicken Wraps

11- Cilantro Lime Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Take your dining to a higher level with our Cilantro Lime Chicken Lettuce Wraps. Served in delicate lettuce leaves, succulent grilled chicken with cilantro and lime is zesty, crisp, and juicy. This dish is bursting with freshness and flavor.

Full Recipe Here

Cilantro Lime Chicken Lettuce Wraps

12- California Club Chicken Wrap

Enjoy the California Club Wrap to feel the vibes coming from the West Coast. The ingredients are a delicious combination of grilled chicken, avocado, crispy bacon, and fresh vegetables placed in a soft tortilla that captures the taste of California’s naturalness and flavor within every tasty bite.

Full Recipe Here

California Club Chicken Wrap

13- Greek-Style Chicken Wraps

Get ready with our Greek-Style Chicken Wraps and let yourself be inspired by the Mediterranean. The chicken on the grill is bound with olives, feta, and tzatziki into a soft tortilla. a palate-friendly combination of flavors brings Greece to your mouth.

Full Recipe Here

Greek-Style Chicken Wraps

14- Spicy Chicken Wraps

Set your tongue on fire with our Spicy Chicken Wraps. Pulses of spice together with crisp vegetables matched with chicken that has been grilled meet with a soft tortilla to create an exciting combination for those who prefer heat.

Full Recipe Here

Spicy Chicken Wraps

15- Honey Mustard Chicken Wraps

Enjoy a perfect mixture of sweetness and tartness in our Honey Mustard Chicken Wraps. The honey and mustard sauce perfectly team up with the grilled chicken that is all protected by a tortilla, a perfect harmony of tastes in every bite.

Full Recipe Here

Honey Mustard Chicken Wraps

Sides for Grilled Chicken Wrap

To complement your chicken wrap, tantalizing sides, a stunning blend of ingredients elevates and enriches the underlying flavours of your dish.

Crispy Parmesan Garlic Fries

Satisfy yourself with glazed fries made of parmesan garlic coated with seasoned shrimp. These Parmesan and garlic-coated crunches add a happy-heart bite to your meal. 

The spicy Parmesan, with its rich taste, is a perfect pairing for the grilled chicken because the cheese flavors are in every bite of the grilled chicken.

 It is nice to feel the contrast in the textures that come with eating first a tender chicken wrap but then enjoying the crispiness of these fries. 

It’s a delightful duo that makes your meal even better with different flavorful, crunchy, and moist touches. They are ideal for garnishing and adding a refreshing taste to grilled chicken wrap.

Fresh Fruit Salad with Mint

Enhance your grilled chicken wrap experience with a refreshing touch of minty fruit salad. This vibrant medley combines juicy chunks of assorted fruits, delivering a burst of natural sweetness. 

The mint leaves add a cool, invigorating element, elevating the overall freshness. Crisp and colorful, the fruit salad provides a delightful contrast to the savory grilled chicken, creating a harmonious blend of flavors.

It’s a healthy and palate-pleasing choice, introducing a medley of textures and tastes to complement your wrap. Enjoy the juicy goodness and refreshing minty breeze with every bite of this delightful fruit salad.

— Avocado and Corn Salsa

Enjoy your taste buds by finding avocado and corn salsa as a perfect partner for your grilled chicken wrap. This spicy mix of creamy abundant ripe avocados and the sweet crunchiness of corn kernels creates a delicious paste.

Lime and cilantro are both tangy and add a fresh taste to the medley, making it an interesting salsa that gives each building bite new color. The avocados are creamy to complement the grilled chicken while the texture of the corn is simply great. 

It is a humble yet colorful side that brings an intimation of the Southwest to your wrap creating a satisfaction of savory, creamy, and medium-spicy flavors to delight your tongue.

— Cajun Roasted Vegetables

Boost your wrapped grilled chicken-eating experience with Cajun roasted vegetables. This exotic side is a wonderful mixture of assorted vegetables, and seasoned with Cajun seasoning, and roasted to greatness. 

The stew is a strongly spiced blend of paprika, cayenne, and garlic using vegetables to acquire the smoky heat. These slightly caramelized edges contribute a certain depth to the dish, gushing with layers of textures. 

This Cajun addition perfectly suits the taste of grilled chicken wrap, which is savory and has just a hint of spiciness. Every bite of the meal is a combination of flavors that are bold and exciting and with every crunch of the roasted veggies, your enjoyment gets all the more enhanced.

— Coconut Lime Quinoa

Enjoy your grilled chicken wrap with a balanced side of coconut lime quinoa. This exotic mix of coconut, lime, and quinoa boasts the softness and lightness of quinoa along with the tropical flavor of coconut and spice of lime. 

The coconut gives the creaminess and rich depth and the lime lends the tangy citrusy twist. In combination, they allow the creation of a lush and delicate quinoa that complements with the grilled chicken. 

The way how textures and flavors are combined offers a beautiful contrast, significantly improving the whole dining process. Get the flavors of coconut that sweetly stimulates and lime that is bursting with vibrant notes in every bit.

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