5 Tips For Outdoor Grill Storage

Grilling in summer with friends and family is a great comfort. Summer, after all, is a time for relaxing and reminiscing with loved ones.

In winter the grilling season may be over, but that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your grill.

Though many people decide to store grills outside, this shortens their lifespan & causes rust & other problems.

If you are not very experienced with how to store grills outside, it can be challenging to know what to do. Here are Top Tips for outdoor grill storage during the winter, snow, or rain.

outdoor grill storage
Outdoor grill storage

Tips For Outdoor Grill Storage

1: Deep Clean Your Gas Grill:

Make sure to clean your grill before putting it away. Routinely deep-cleaning your grill will keep it from becoming a fire hazard and maintain its optimal performance level. To clean a dirty grill, use warm, soapy water and a microfiber cloth to scrub down the outside of the grill.

However, some people may find it difficult to clean grills since they are made of stainless steel. Wiping them down with a rough cloth or paper towels can scratch the exterior, causing permanent damage to your grill. You should use fabric rags instead of rough cloth since they will not scratch the grill’s surface.

Then clean the grill grates. The grates on your gas grill take a lot of abuse. The food debris that falls onto the grates is often baked on, which means it is going to be really hard to get off. That’s why you need to deep clean your grill at the end of every season so it will be ready for next year.

Start by getting fire up your grill –around 15-20 minutes to loosen up any gunk that got stuck in the grates. After that, you can easily clean it with soap & water.

One of the other ways to keep your grill clean is by using a good grill brush or scraper. They come in all shapes and sizes, made from different materials that will suit different purposes better than others.

Metal bristles are good for scrubbing off tough dirt and debris that has burned onto the grates during cooking, while long-bristled brushes are good for getting into tight corners.

It’s always a good idea to empty your grill’s grease cup before storing it. Otherwise, the grease could drip and ruin your grill.

Cooking on the grill is a lot of fun and can result in some delicious, easy meals. To prevent mold and rust ensure that your grill is completely dry before storing it.

2: Turn Off The Fuel Source And Remove The Propane Tank

Safety is always the number one priority when storing your grill. The first step is taking out the propane tank and turn off any fuel source like gas.

In the winter, Just make sure to turn off the propane tank while grill is stored outside. Avoid bringing the propane tank inside even if you are storing it in a garage or shed, as it is a major fire hazard.

3: Winterize Your Grill And Coat The Metal Parts With Cooking Oil

If you are storing your grill outside during the winter, coat the burner and other metal parts with cooking oil to prevent rust. This will also help repel moisture that can originate over time and cause rust. Wrap the burner unit in a bag to keep spiders and insects out of the gas tubes during the winter, which can lead to uneven flames.

4: Use a Waterproof Grill Cover to Store Grill Outside

Your grill is a pretty expensive investment, so you want to preserve it for as long as possible. A waterproof heavy duty grill cover, is the best way to protect your grill from weather and other elements.

The cover should be made out of a sturdy material like polyester and should completely enclose the grill so that nothing can get in or out of it.

5: Where should you store grill outside?

If you are looking to store grill outside for the winter months, there are a few best practices to follow.

The first is to put the grill in a covered area, garage, storage shed or under a porch so it can be protected from the elements.

The second is to put the grill on two cinder blocks with wide space in-between each block. This will provide enough cushioning for when it snows and prevents snow from getting into the grill.

The third approach would be to cover your grill with a tarp or use an old sheet that has been cut into large squares just like you would do for an outdoor couch or hammock. The last step is to place bricks, cinder blocks, or something similar on top of the tarp or sheet so that it does not get away.

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Can you leave a grill outside in the winter?

You can enjoy grilling outside any time of the year, even if it needs to be done during colder months! Leaving gas grills outside in winter is safe as long as they are covered. Pick up the grill and cover it immediately when finished with your cooking so you don’t damage or ignite any surrounding materials. The temperature cannot drop below -44 degrees Fahrenheit. There is no reason you cannot enjoy outdoor cooking on any type of grill in cold weather. Propane gas will not produce vapors at low temperatures.

What happens to grills that get rained on?

When a grill gets rained on, the only thing it will do is rust. This process typically requires a few weeks or months before it’s ready to be used again. If you have a grill that has been rained on, you can use a mixture of vinegar and salt to help remove the rust from your grill. The damage will depend on the amount of water that has gotten into your grill!

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