How Do Wood Pellet Grills Work

How do wood pellet grills work? To answer this question first we need to know about pellet grills. In the past, people discouraged using pellet grills, but these grills are one of the biggest trends in the industry nowadays.

It works perfectly for BBQs, and a delicious meal is made in no time. The best thing about these grills is that it distributes heat evenly and works well in all circumstances.

It will give the smokiest flavor to your food with the convenience of a knob, which works similar to a gas stone. 

A Pellet grill is sometimes called a pellet smoker is an outdoor cooker that is mainly used for BBQs and making smokey food.

This grill offers temperature control as it powers by electricity or fuel by hardwood. You can quickly cook the most delicate meat on these grills, and it will turn out to be delicious because of the smokiness. It is perfect for making delicious ribs and briskets. 

how do wood pellet grills work

Wood pellet grills are perfect for beginners and professionals, and anyone can use them to make ideal bbq dishes. 

How do wood pellet grills work? 

This section of the article will take you across how pellet grills work, and it will be a complete guide for everyone (beginners to experts). 

A wood pellet grill works with power and should be connected with an electric plug to work.

Step 1: Filling the Wood Pellet Hopper:

The easiest way to understand the grill’s functionality is that the wood pellets go into the hopper. It is a crate where the wood pellets that fuel the barbecue are put away. The hopper is a vertical pellet smoker.

Most grills have the hopper on top, but it is on the side or near the bottom on some grills.

Step 2: Putting Wood Pellets to the Fire

These pellets can be positioned and moved by a rotating auger (a big screw) into a firepot; yes, this is powered by electricity or wood. The wood pellet is sent from the hopper to the auger. The auger has a spiral design and is turned by a small motor, that pushes the pellets to the fire pot. At the point when the pellets arrive at the shoot, they fall into the blazes.

Step 3: Burning Wood Pellets

The fire pot or burn pot consists of a hot rod that helps to ignite the pellets. This is the time when the pellets start to burn, and then they produce smoke and heat. 

Step 4: Induction Fan Spreads Heat Evenly

Now, the induction fan is there for combustion, and it spreads the heat evenly. However, if any heat is not distributed correctly, then the heat baffle will do it for you. This helps to prevent your food from burning and controlling the heat level. 

Lastly, the induction fan spreads the heat to cook your food and meat to the finest quality, and the food is cooked within convection.

Step 5: Setting the Control Panel

The control panel is also essential when it comes to wood pellet grills. The control panel is perfect for adjusting temperatures, and it controls the fan, auger, and rod igniter. 

So you set it to whatever temperature and cooking time you need dependent on your recipe and accessible time you have for cooking. You can set the speed at which the wood pellets would move into the grill.

In the recent versions of pellet grills, you will find way more advanced, which features PID controllers and Wi-Fi functionality. 

Step 6: Grease/Drip Tray

You will also find a drip tray that holds any grease and its drippings. It will also help to spread the heat evenly across the pellets and avoid flare ups.

Why Should You Use Wood Pellet Grills? 

Pellet grills are efficient and effective for making delicious food, and this section focuses on why you should use them.

Grilling and smoky foods are trending for the past years, and people love to eat smoky food in the US; that’s why the demand for these grills is surging. You can find these grills almost everywhere. These grills range from 400$ – 1000 $, but you can also find cheaper ones. 

People are going crazy after these grills, and here’s why you need to have them too! 

  • Easy to Use 

These grills are easy to use, and it is perfect for beginners and professionals. You can easily fill the hopper with edible-grade wood pellets, and you are good to go. The mechanism of the pellet grill will spread the heat all across the grill to give the best results. 

You have to set the temperature, and then the grill will maintain the temperature by induction fans. 

  • Leave & forget 

The best thing about pellet grills is that you can set a temperature and leave them unattended. These grills are efficient as they maintain a certain temperature without any hassle. Not only this, the Wi-fi technology helps to control the temperature from anywhere. These pellet grills have changed the dimensions of cooking. 

  • Versatile 

Pellet grills are famous for their versatility because you can smoke and BBQ food. Not only this, but you can also use this for grilling and making delicious meals. You can roast meat and braise different parts of meat to achieve the best taste and flavor. 

  • Smoky Flavor 

Smoky food and flavors are popular in the USA, and the trend of eating smoky food is increasing day by day. You can make delicious meals with the help of pellet grills as they maintain temperature without any hassle. You can place these pellet grills in the backyard and create delicious meals. 

Not only this, you can bake, braise, grill, and even roast meat without any hassle, by setting the temperature. The woody flavor will enhance your love with food because it is so appealing. 

  • Love for BBQ 

We all love BBQ, and it is the best and healthy option because you can avoid junk food. With these pellet grills, you can cook food within no time and create wonderful BBQ and grilled dishes. It will be one of the best additions to your cooking range. 

After going through these reasons, anyone would love to buy these pellet grills and try new smoky recipes. The best part is that you can easily maintain these grills at your home, have a look at the next section. 

How do Service & Maintain Wood Pellet Grills? 

The burn pot usually comes up with heavy residuals, and therefore, you need to clean these pellet grills for better use and quality experience.

 Why Maintaining a pellet grill is important?

  • Same smoky taste 

It is very important to maintain a smoky flavor; therefore, timely cleaning of the grease residuals can be perfect for it. 

  • Temperature Control 

Temperature control is necessary for pellet grills, and it can be achieved by cleaning and maintaining your pellet grill. If you don’t clean the pellet grill, it can destroy the temperature controls, especially if the fan is full of grease. 

  • Proper grill function 

If you need to grill your meat, then cleaning the pellet grills is very important. You need to clean the pot residuals to achieve the best taste and marks on your food. The grill function will work on point if it’s clean and clear. 

How to service and maintain wood pellet grills? 

Cleaning your pellet grills is necessary, and you should clean these pellet grills according to their usage. You can frequently clean your pellet grills to get the best results so that you can also avoid great buildups, which will be harder to remove. So, clean your pellet grills at regular intervals.

To clean, you will require a bunch of scrapping tools and brushes to remove grease and extra-ash residuals. But, make sure not to use metal scrappers because they can be aggressive on the surface of the grill. 

Here are the top supplies you will require for cleaning your pellet grills. 

  • Brushes & Scrappers 

You can use a combination of big and small brushes to remove grease and ash residuals. Another way is to use putty scrappers, which are gentle on the surface, then metallic scrappers. You can easily pull off the dirt and grease with this technique if you maintain your pellet grill regularly.

  • Paper Towels 

You can use paper towels to clean up the drip tray as they will easily remove the grease and dirt. These paper towels can also help to clear messier edges and grease buckets.

  • Cleaning agent

Cleaning agents are the best to clean your pellet grills because they break up the grease particles, and you can easily use them to maintain the shine of your pellet griller. Your grill will become just like new, and it is a great addition if you are using pellet grills regularly. 

  • Nitrile gloves 

Nitrile gloves are necessary to clean the tough grease particles from your pellet grill. You can also use your hands, but nitrile gloves will save you from the mess. 

The best way to clean your pellet grill is to unplug it to avoid any electric shock. Then, empty the hopper and make sure it doesn’t consist of any wooden pellets. Now, you need to clean the pellet smoker by giving it a quick power wash. This can be messy, so make sure you are near a drain. You can use brushes, scrappers, and cleaning agents to remove extra grease particles, and you are good to go. 

If you follow these quick steps every time after using the pellet grill, then this process will not take a lot of time, and you can experience the same deliciousness which you got for the first time. It’s always better to maintain and clean things instead of buying new things because these small steps can take you a long way. 

These pellet grills will work perfectly well if you use them properly, and you will fall in love with its temperature controlling feature which never burns your meal.

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