what are grill mats

Grill mats are all the rage these days and for good reason. They provide a non-stick surface that is easy to clean and won’t scratch your grill.

If you’re planning to host a barbecue, you might be wondering what are grill mats, how to use them, and which grill mat is best for your outdoor grill.

The BBQ grill mat is a thin, flexible material made up of fiberglass, copper, silicon, Teflon, or PFOA. They’re easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and re-usable. Grill mats are a great way to prevent flare-ups when cooking on an outdoor grill. They can be used on a wide range of grills like Charcoal, Electric, and Gas Grills.

Let’s find out How to use grill mats and which grill mat is better suited for your next barbecue!

Grill Mats vs Aluminum Foil: Which Mat is Best for Your Barbecue?

Aluminum Foil

For a long time, people have been using aluminum foil or tin foil when cooking in order to avoid having to clean up any mess and preserve the juiciness of the meat. Researchers found that cooking meat on kitchen foil was dangerous to your health. Aluminum is a chemical element that is used in the production of aluminum foil.

When aluminum foil is exposed to heat, the metal transfers to the food and can lead to kidney failure or bone diseases. Here is a complete article on IS IT SAFE TO GRILL WITH ALUMINUM FOIL ON A GRILL

Is It Safe to Use Parchment Paper On The Grill?

What Are BBQ Grill Mats?

Barbecue Grill Mats are a new way to grill. BBQ Grill mats are popular because they allow you to cook a wide variety of foods at once without putting them on the grill directly.

BBQ Grill Mats are also known as BBQ grill liners have been around for years and typically come in large sheets. They can be placed over grills before anything else & are heat resistant up to 1400°F. This makes them perfect for backyard barbecues!

Grill liners are made from a nonstick material that is resistant to heat and which makes them more durable. They also prevent splatter and grease flare-ups. These mats are easy to clean because they can be cleaned with a damp cloth or soap and water. You don’t have to worry about unwanted drips dripping through grates as well as food leftovers like cheeses or sauces that get left behind, and you’ll be able to make use of these mats for any type of barbecue grill.

Using a Grill liner is a great way to keep your grill clean while you cook.

The Benefits of Using Grill Mats and Why You Should Consider Them

Below are a few benefits why grill mats are preferable to aluminum foils and parchment papers:

  • BBQ Grill mats don’t absorb the sauces, oils, and greases used. They give you a tastier meal whether you’re cooking indoors or out, in the kitchen or on a grill.
  • Using grilling mats will help avoid sauces and oils from leaking onto the grate.
  • Grill mats prevents food from sticking and grilling with a grill mat is less messy.
  • Grill mats are versatile and can help you cook anything! You can use them to make breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You can make egg, bacon,and even pancakes.
  • BBQ Grill mats are typically easy to clean up. All you have to do is wipe them down after use and wash them in between uses. They are also dishewasher safe.
  • Grill liner can be put to good use over and over again!
  • Food made with a BBQ Grill Mat is delicious and tasty than grilling without it.
  • Grill mat reduces flare-ups by absorbing heat from the flame.


Different types of cooking grill mats are available in the market. The main difference is the materials used to create them. These materials make up the quality of grill mats and their durability.

There are four different types of material used for cooking grill mats: silicone, fiberglass, and copper.


fiberglass grill mat

Fiberglass Grill mats are usually made of Fiberglass cloth or polytetrafluoroethylene, which is a thermoplastic polymer more commonly referred to as PTFE. This fiberglass cloth is heat and flame resistant, non-stick, and can withstand high temperatures without melting.

With the help of PTFE, these grill mats are flame resistant and last a lifetime. They are also easy to clean, not damaging to the grill grates, and can be reused numerous times.

PTFE, or Polytetrafluoroethylene, is a synthetic polymer that is used in many common kitchen utensils. It has been found to be safe and non-toxic, even in the highest concentrations. This material is FDA approved to be used as a grill mat for grilling food and other cooking utensils.


Silicon is a synthetic material that is used in many industries because it has a wide range of properties that make it great for use in different areas.

Silicon has the ability to be elastic, stretchy, transparent, oil and moisture-resistant, and can maintain its properties over time.

Silicon is used as an adhesive to coat BBQ utensils and kitchen wares. Silicon grill mats are FDA-approved because they are not toxic.

On top of this, these flexible mats can be reused and cleaned easily without the need for harsh chemicals.


copper grill mat

Copper grill mats are the most popular and considered as the safest grill mats used in the kitchen. Copper grill mats are infused with copper and hence add their peculiar taste and aroma to the food cooked.

The main reason for the popularity of copper grill mats is that copper is a great conductor of heat and can ensure uniform temperature and, consistent cooking of your meat that comes out unbeatable tasting.

This copper mat is really helpful for those who want to cook with the BBQ. It’s a non-toxic and FDA-approved grill mat.



Teflon grill mats have been used for decades by world-class chefs and home cooks alike. These non-sticky mats allow for the perfect transfer of heat and ensure that food is cooked evenly every time.

The black color is a result of the Teflon’s ability to conduct heat at a better rate; it ensures an even heating and cooking process.

Teflon grill mats are used to prevent food from sticking to the surface of the grill. Teflon is a registered trademark name for polytetrafluoroethylene – a fluoropolymer with exceptional heat resistance. Teflon is resistant to oil, gas, acids, and bases.

Some people like having their steak on fresh, black mats so that they can see the caramelization.

Some of these mats are free of any chemicals or other toxins, while others may have warnings due to the chemicals and acids they contain.

One of the concerns that people have about PTFE is the fact that it releases fumes at high temperatures. However, research has shown no harm to human health as a result of ingesting this material.


The use of a BBQ grill mat is safe as long as it is used correctly. These barbecue grill mats have been tested and are safe to use. Grill mats themselves are safe to use and non-toxic, but if used for a lengthy amount of time at excessive heat, they may produce toxic fumes.

The product comes with an instruction manual indicating its maximum heat limit – 500 degrees Fahrenheit is typical. While meat is best cooked in the range of 350 °F to 400 °F.

Avoid PFOA (Per Fluoro Octanoic Acid) is one of the most prevalent problematic compounds that have been used in the manufacturing of non-stick cookware, carpeting, and other materials. Due to many controversies related to PFOA, authorities made sure by the end of 2015 that no company is using it.

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Yes, grill mats are reusable you can use them over and over again. They can be cleaned easily without the need for harsh chemicals. You can simply wipe them with a wet sponge or wash them after use. They are additionally dishwasher safe.


Using grill mats is easy. When the grill warms up evenly, put a BBQ Grill Mat on top of the barbecue grill and start preparing your food.

Every outdoor griller knows that the best way to grill evenly is to use a BBQ Grill liner. Mats ar heat-resistant, durable, prevent sticking, burning, and flare-ups for the perfect cookout every time. They also keep your grill clean by allowing you to flip food without losing any of the marinade or sauce.

Grill mats are not a replacement for grilling. They are useful for achieving the doneness you want and need in meats &vegetables.

If you want to finish your grilled dish with the perfect finishing touch, sear the meat on the grill after grilling it on the grill mat first. The inside will be juicy & succulent and the outside will have that pleasant, crisp exterior.

Vegetables cooked on the grill mat, don’t need to be seared afterward. Vegetables taste more fleshy and juicy because the grill mat keeps the vegetables from overheating.

Grilling vegetables on a grill mat can be done in a lot of ways. It is just as healthy as roasting vegetables. But grilling vegetables on a grill mat is even better because the dry heat cooks the vegetables from all sides and leaves them with an amazing grilled taste, without having to sear them afterward.

This makes veggies that are already tasty, even tastier! The surface of the grill mat absorbs some of the oil, which eliminates the need for added butter or other oils, and makes for a healthier meal!

Final Thoughts: What are Grill Mats

It’s best to use bbq grill mats when grilling on the barbecue to prevent burning and last-minute clean-up.

I hope this post has answered all your queries about what are BBQ Grill Mats. If you still have any questions, please leave it in the comments section below.