How to Clean Gas Grill Burners Tube (5 Easy Steps)

The primary focus of many people is on cleaning the grill grates, tray, and firebox and they overlook the importance of cleaning gas grill burner tubes.

The burner tubes play a vital role in regulating the flow of gas and air, which directly impacts the grill’s heat output and cooking efficiency.

Neglecting to clean the burner tubes can lead to clogs and blockages that may result in uneven heat distribution or even grill fires.

Therefore, cleaning burners on gas grills should be a necessary step in any gas grill maintenance routine before putting it back into service.

Are you wondering how to clean gas grill burners?

In this guide, we will cover:

  • Steps for cleaning gas grill burners.
  • Common defects in the flame patterns because of Burner tubes.
  • Maintenance tips to keep gas grills clean and functional

Things You Need to Know Before Cleaning Grill Burners

Gas Grills have many parts that make the grilling experience better. Let’s take a closer look at what these parts are and what they do.

The gas grill consists of a burner tube, a gas valve, a grate, and an adjustable drip tray.

The first part that needs to be taken care of is the burner tubes. These tubes allow for a direct flow of gas from the gas valve to the burners, which in turn create an even flame and heat across the whole grill.

A burner tube is used for cooking with direct heat from the burners. It is surrounded by a metal ring that allows air to pass through the tubing.

The second part gas valve regulates the input of fuel into the burners that are mounted at one end of the tube. The other end is called an end cap that controls the flow of air into and out of the tube.

The third part is the grill grates. The grates come in different shapes and sizes, and materials. They can be made out of iron, steel, aluminum, and porcelain.

These materials will protect the food from the fire and will ensure that it cooks evenly over the heat source.

The grate has an opening that lets grease drain into a drip tray below it, which is also one of most important components as it helps control flare-ups by catching grease drips.

Why You Need to Clean Your Gas Grill Burner

If you notice the performance of your grill has dropped a little bit it may be because tubes are dirty.

If your grill is not reaching the desired temperature during pre-heating time grill tubes may need to be cleaned. This performance issue is caused by scaling on burner tubes.

The scaling on burner tubes can occur because of dirt, grease, moisture, carbon, and oxidation from cooking over time.

The scaling would cause the holes on tubes to become smaller which provides the lesser flame.

The burner tubes need to be cleaned regularly to prevent them from getting clogged and to avoid potential fires.

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Cleaning the burner tubes ensures even heating and prolonged use and you should actually do it at least once a year

Cleaning your grill regularly is a good idea for three reasons: you’ll prevent buildup from occurring, it helps make them last longer, and if you use the grill often it’s a good idea to clean them once a month.

A burner in your gas grill is a hollow tube made of metal that you fill with gas. The small openings along the length of the burners are called ‘portholes’ and are very important.

These areas deal with the air that travels over them, keeping everything running at peak performance.

Common Defects in the Flame Patterns Because of Clogged Burner Tubes

The defect in the flame patterns and their color is a good indicator of the health of the burner tubes.

A yellow flame means a crack in your burner tube

There is a large, yellow flame with an uneven shape which means there is a crack in the burner tube. The crack means that the fuel has been mixed up with air and has burned unevenly.

If there are any cracks, it is unsafe to use the grill and you should get it repaired or get a new burner tube from the manufacturer.

Blue-colored uneven Flame means holes on the burner tubes are clogged

If blue flames are seen, it means that some of the portholes are clogged and can cause your grill to shut off unexpectedly.

No flame

When you notice no flame coming from your burner, the first thing to check is the flow regulator. If it’s defective or clogged, replace it.

A burner tube with no flame is a warning sign that there is something wrong with the flow regulator or blockage in the orifice into the burner.

The device must be turned off and serviced as soon as possible, otherwise, a fire could result.

Things You Need To Clean Gas Burner Tube

  • Stainless steel bristle grill brush to clean a gas grill burner.
  • Bottle Brush – You can not put your hands inside of the tubes instead you can use a bottle brush to clean the tube.
  • Degreaser – A degreaser helps you remove unwanted oils and contaminations more quickly and effectively. Only a few drops are enough. There are lots of degreasers you can choose from. You can also try natural degreasers like lemon, and vinegar. All of them do a wonderful job.
  • Drill bit (or Toothpick or Paper clip)

How to Clean Gas Grill Burners (Step-by-Step)

1. Safety First

Before you start cleaning the gas grill burner, you need to turn off the grill and disconnect any gas connection.

2. Remove Grill Grates and Flavor Bars

Now, remove the cooking grates and flavor bars out of the way. Great! Let’s get to cleaning now.

3: Clean the Inside of the Gas Grill Burner

If you are unsure of how to remove those burner on your gas grill, don’t worry! Your manual has the steps spelled out for you–and no rushing, of course.

Follow them thoroughly, or you could risk damaging your grill.

When you remove the tube, you’ll see that the inside of the tube is now very clear. Take the bottle brush, insert it into the hole of the tube, and clean out all dust, debris soot and other soiling.

Most people use a degreaser to get rid of tough grease stains. But before using it, it’s always best to check with the manual or ask around about what other people have tried.

Oftentimes people try using a natural degreaser and it usually works out fine too!

In market gas grill burner cleaners are also available like Weicon Burner Cleaner.

This grill burner cleaner spray can be used on nozzle sticks and baffle plates, on blowers and air wheels and in interior housings as well as ignition electrodes and stainless steel.

4: Clean the Outside of the Grill Burner

To properly clean the outside of burner, use a clean steel-bristle grill brush to brush across the top of the tube portholes.

When you notice any clogged hole after using a bristle brush, use a drill bit to clear the blockage.

This would help you to reopen the portholes. You can also use toothpicks or paperclips instead, which are easily available at home.

how to clean gas grill burners
VIA- Weber

5. Reassemble the Grill

You have successfully cleaned the burner on your gas grill. In the final step the grill must be assembled exactly as you disassembled it in the start.

A nice even flame pattern is a good sign that burner is working properly. if you notice too much yellow in the flame or no flame at all, it is a sign that something is amiss.

Make sure that the grill is entirely dry before assembling it if you cleaned the grill grates or any other part in water. This will prevent any rusting or corrosion.

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How Often Should You Clean Your Gas Burners?

The number of times you may need to clean burners on gas grill depends on how often you use your gas grill.

Your grill will last longer if you clean it frequently and know how to clean a burner. The burners are the main part of your gas barbecue, after all.

If you use your gas grill frequently,cleaning the burners on your gas grill at least once every three months is advised.

The burners only need to be cleaned at the end of season when you are going to store the grill, if you use your grill sparingly.

Tips On How to Clean Burner On Gas Grill

1- Use a Clean Brush

You should never use a brush that has been used to clean the grill grates when cleaning gas grill burners. This can transfer grease from the grill, making it difficult to clean properly or clogging them.

2- Don’t Use Sharp Objects

Don’t put sharp objects into the tubes. This can damage gas grill venturi tubes, and will create issues with gas flow.

3- Use Brush in Up and Down Motion

Use the brush in an up-and-down motion. Do not brush side by side because this could block the burner holes with scaling and debris we want to remove.

4-Use a vacuum

Make sure to add a few finishing touches once you learn how to clean a gas grill burner. Be sure to clean off any debris from the cooking grates or the grill’s heat distribution system, as well as the exterior and interior of the grill’s lid, before you reassemble it.

A vacuum can be used to carefully remove any leftover dust or debris quickly. I like to use this ash vaccum for my pellet grill.

How to clean Weber Gas Grill Burner Tubes


Other grill components, such as the grill grates, grease tray, and outside surfaces, need to be cleaned on a regular basis in addition to the gas grill burner.

When you regularly clean the grill it prevents any potential safety risks that can be caused by grease buildup and increases the lifespan of your grill.

Make sure to sick to the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance and cleaning the grill.


How to clean grill burners cast iron?

Cleaning cast iron grill burners can be a bit of a challenge because you don’t want to use soap and water.
Just follow the same steps mentioned above to clean the cast iron grill burner.

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