Can You Put A Pot On A Grill (5 BEST POTS FOR GRILL)

Do you enjoy going camping? It is one of the most common summer activities many of us look forward to. However, it’s incomplete without mentioning grilling.

A fun and unique pass time, it’s easy to mess it up. Take burning your pots and pans along with the food or maybe not being able to figure out if Can you put a pot on a grill?

If that’s something you can relate to, don’t worry!

Read the article to find out how to manage this fairly uncomplicated activity that could be as simple as using a gas stove if you do it correctly.


The most common query that we receive is, “Can you use regular pots or pans on the grill?” Yes, you can use cast iron pots on a grill. It doesn’t have a significant difference between using pots over gas stoves. But it only works when you are using it in the right ways. Ensure that you have the right pots to bear the heat of grill and evenly cook your food without burning it.

Pots are great for blanching and preparing the garnishes when you are cooking the main course.

However, here I will provide you with the appropriate guide for using the pots on grill. So keep reading and enjoy the experience of outdoor grilling.

Can you put a pot on a grill?

Yes, cast iron steel is one of the preferred materials for pots to use on grill, as it will distribute the heat evenly and cook food without burning it.

However, it will not allow the incorporation of the charcoal smell of outdoor flavors in the food.

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Pots on grill help you steam the food if you don’t want to place it directly. It will provide excellent blanching and steaming of the vegetable together while preparing the main course.

So it will save your time for spending in the grilling pot while you are outside the house. Use a suitable pot for cooking the meal in less time and don’t miss the fun games outdoors.

When you use cast iron on grill it will be ready to clean it afterward. The bottom part of the pot comes in direct contact with heat and is easy to burn.

So, for getting rid of the rigid stains, use a suitable dishwasher and use the suitable DIY hacks for rubbing the bottom part.

Moreover, gently scrub the bottom of the pot so it will not get a permanent scratch.

Best cast iron skillet for outdoor grill

Here I will share the best cast iron pots you can use on grill. Keep in mind that you need to choose the right type of pot according to your grilling requirements.

All these cast iron pots can easily be used for open fire cooking on fire pits.

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1: Cast Iron Skillet and Double Dutch Oven Set

If you want to use the pot for regular grilling, this product will suit you. This cast iron skillet oven set pot has the Dutch oven set.

It has the capacity of two in one pressure cooker along with a wide lid. You can also use it to serve the food as in a frying pan.

Its cast-iron material thoroughly distributes the heat and keeps the food warm for a longer time. Moreover, it comes with a one-year warranty to ensure its longevity.

2: Enameled Cast Iron Covered Dutch Oven

It is a heavy-duty cast iron pot that suits the best commercial chefs. It has a sturdy cast iron material and provides heat insulation layers.

Transfer of heat in the pot is even so that the food cooks well without burning it from any corner.

This particular cast iron pot is pre-seasoned which makes it easy for you as you don’t need to use any extra seasoning while cooking.

It has the perfect lid capacity for maintaining moisture and temperature inside the pot while cooking.

3: Utopia Kitchen Cast Iron Dutch Oven with Dual Handle

If you have a reasonable budget for getting the pot, then this option suits best for you. You can use this pot for cake baking, roasting chicken, and many more. It is best for improving the grilling food in camping.

However, it is one of the sturdiest pots for safe grilling as it has sturdy cast iron material. It also has a lid for creating steam and moisture inside the pot.

You can quickly transport it from one place to the other as it has dual handles that are also heat resistant.

4: Zelancio Cookware 2.5-Quart Pre-Seasoned Pot

If you regularly want to cook outside and want to get a reliable pot, this is the best choice. It is suitable for cooking meat and vegetables on outdoor grilling.

Moreover, it is small in size that makes it easy to carry along with other massive luggage. But beyond its small size, it contains sturdy iron with handles to use on the grill.

5: Overmont 2 in 1 Pre Seasoned Dutch Oven with Skillet Lid

It is one of the best pre-seasoned Dutch oven pot that is best for induction, electric, grill, stovetop, BBQ, Camping, and many more purposes. It consists of pre seasoned cast iron lid that ensures that heat is evenly spread to all the corners and cook food thoroughly in grilling heat.

It is treated with high-quality vegetable oil, with no synthetic coatings or chemicals, for out of the box seasoning to get you started.

Moreover, it has two side handles to provide safe handling and transport from one place to the other.

How to use pots on a grill?

Many of us don’t know the proper steps to use the pots in grill even if they have suitable pots on cast iron materials. So here I am going to share the step-by-step method for using the pot on the grill correctly.

  • Set the area

First of all the set the place where you want to cook. Ensure that you choose the right place where you can effectively clean the residues after done with cooking.

Clean the area to clear the grease or gunk on a particular place will lead you to the burning of the bottom side.

It will also cause oily smoke and fire that lead to significant mishaps. Next, scrap all the junk trashes drippings from a grill using the grill scraper and clarifies.

  • Turn on the grill

It’s time to turn it on and prepare for the cooking process after cleaning the grill and the cooking area. Turn on the grill, heat, and let it eat for five minutes before placing the pot on it.

You can say it is the preheating process. Ensure that heat is mild, not too slow, not too high to burn the pots or grill stand at once.

Please keep it in low to medium heat for thoroughly maintaining the temperature. It takes more time to cook the food but also adds tenderness to meat and vegetables.

  • Start cooking

Now grill is ready so that you can place the pot on it. Ensure that you place it on the side of the grill before adding the vegetables or meat.

Moreover, if you want to blanch the vegetables, the pot should be well greased with cooking oil.

After adding the vegetables to a well-greased pan, you can add salt or seasoning according to your taste. Use wooden spoons to stir the food.

It will ensure that food is not sticking at the bottom of the pan.

  • Continue cooking

Ensure that the lid of the pot is always open during the cooking process. If you want to cover the pot in grill heat, there is no plastic material.

Constantly check the food to ensure that food is well cooked. If you want the tender food, then remove the steam from the pot by removing the lids.

  • Turn the grill

When food is cooked correctly, then turn off the flame of the grill.

Don’t hurry to pick the pot from the grill. Instead, let it cook for some time and then take it off from the grill. Now your food is ready, and you can enjoy it in appealing outdoor weather.


So you can only use the cast iron pot for using it on the grill as it can withstand excessive heat. Ensure that you use the pot on the grill in the right way. It helps you to prevent significant mishaps.


Can you use pots and pans on a gas grill?

Yes, you can use the post on a gas grill. There is no difference between the gas stove and grilling.

Cast iron pots are one of the best pot materials for use on the grill. Moreover, ensure that there is no steel material in the pot or pot lid.

Can I put stainless steel on the grill?

No, you cannot use the stainless-steel pan or pot for using it over the grill cooking. Stainless steel pots are only suitable for mild heating as they can’t withstand high temperatures.

Grills have potentially high temperatures that can damage the stainless-steel pans.

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