The 7 Best Fire Pit Grill Combos (FOR OUTDOOR, CAMPING)

Do you want a fire pit that can also be used as a grill?

Yay, you’re in the right place!

There are many reasons why you might want to consider adding a fire pit grill combo to your backyard oasis.

best fire pit grill combo

One of the best reasons to invest in a fire pit grill is that it can provide you with a place to cook your food. If you love entertaining, having a place to cook your food outdoors can be a great way to show off your culinary skills.

But how to figure out what is the best fire pit grill combo for you?

When it comes to choosing a fire pit grill there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind.

But before you make your final decision, go over this guide to better understand what’s available and what will work best for your needs.

7 Best Fire Pit Grill Grate (FOR CAMPFIRE & OUTDOOR BBQ)

Top 5 Fire Pit Grill Combo

If you’re in a rush, our 5 best fire pit grills are what you should check out.

Our Top Wood Burning Fire Pit Grill Combo: Bali Outdoor Wood Burning Fire Pit

Best Budget Option: Sunnydaze Northland Outdoor Rectangular Fire Pit with Grill 

Best Portable Fire Pit Grill Combo: UCO Flatpack Portable Grill and Fire Pit

Best Foldable Camping Fire Pit Grill: Fire Sense Fire Pit with Folding Legs 

Best Heavy Duty Fire Pit Grill: The SINGLYFIRE 30 Inch Fire Pit Grill

What Is The Best Material For a Fire Pit Grill?

When it comes to fire pit grills, there are a few materials that are commonly used, each having its own advantages.

The best material for a fire pit grill combo depends on factors such as durability, heat retention, and personal preference. Here are some popular options:

  1. Stainless Steel: Stainless steel fire pit grills are durable, resistant to rust, and can withstand high temperatures. They offer excellent heat retention and even cooking. Stainless steel grills are easy to clean and maintain, making them a popular choice for outdoor cooking.
  2. Cast Iron: Cast iron fire pit grills are known for their exceptional heat retention and even cooking. They are highly durable and can handle high temperatures without warping. Cast iron grills develop a natural non-stick surface over time when properly seasoned. However, cast iron grills require regular maintenance to prevent rusting.
  3. Steel: Steel fire pit grills are sturdy and provide reliable heat distribution. They can handle high temperatures and are generally more affordable than stainless steel or cast iron grills. However, steel grills may be prone to rusting and require proper care and maintenance.
  4. Chrome-Plated: Chrome-plated fire pit grills offer a smooth and non-stick cooking surface. They are often more affordable than stainless steel or cast iron options. However, chrome plating may wear off over time, and the underlying steel can be prone to rust.

When selecting a fire pit grill, I will consider the material’s durability, heat retention, ease of cleaning, and overall maintenance requirements.

Regardless of the material, regular cleaning and safe storage while not in use will help your fire pit grill last longer.

Our Reviews Of The 7 Best Fire Pit Grill Combo

1. Bali Outdoor Wood Burning Fire Pit

The best wood-burning firepit bbq grill combo for most people is Bali Outdoor Wood Burning Fire Pit, which offers year-round comfort for every backyard. The Alloy steel construction makes this wood-burning fire pit long-lasting and ultra-durable.

The whole unit weighs approximately around 27 pounds.

The black round fire pit is designed with an outer ledge around the central fire area, allowing convenient access to your drinks and roasting supplies in a gathering.

It also features an 18.7-inch heavy-duty attached fire pit cooking grate, making it serve dual-purpose use for suitable grilling/cooking.

So while you sit around the fire pit with your friends on a cold winter night, you can steam or cook items like steak, chicken, and roast marshmallows and have a cozy, fun night together. 

The four-legged design of this grill gives it extra stability while you use it for cooking different items simultaneously.

Another fantastic feature of this camping fire pit grill is that it swivels 360 degrees. You can make it swing left or right and up/down according to your height and need and grill steak, chicken and veggies very quickly.

Bali Outdoor Wood Burning Fire Pit uses seasoned, cleaned wood that is cut to around 16 inches or shorter to fit the inner depth of the pit.

It also has a sturdy base construction with a circular steel ring fixed around its four legs, which makes the fire pit even more stable.

Apart from all these features, this fire pit with grill grate has plenty of other valuable features, including a poker and log rack, making this one of the best wood-burning pit grill combos to be brought out on a family dinner or friend get-together.

2. Amopatio Outdoor Fire Pit Grill Combo

Amopatio Fire Pit for Outside; this retro-styled fire pit has a grill top for grilling your favorite foods.

It is made of sturdy steel construction, coated with heat-resistant paint for longevity, and has a mesh cover to keep embers contained.

The built-in cooking grate is easy to remove for simple cleaning.

It offers separate grates for the fire and food, ensuring an even cook for your meals.

3. The SINGLYFIRE 30 Inch Fire Pit with bbq grill

A SINGLYFIRE fire pit with bbq grill has a versatile design ideal for enjoying a delicious barbecue on a patio or yard. It adds warmth and a perfect ambiance to your party, as it’s perfect to fit many people around.

The outdoor fire pit has a mesh lid that offers protection from sparks and embers; In contrast, a poker allows one to remove the lid safely.

Moreover, the fire pit also serves as a Swivel Cooking Grate for easy grilling. The grill is easily detachable as screws fix it; also, adjust it freely up & down.

Additionally, this large anti-rust firepit can hold several firewoods, making it easy to clean out ash and debris.

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Mesh lid and durable steel are painted with high-heat paint and hence are weather resistance and rust resistance. Easy-to-install fire pit and outdoor grill come with a 1-year warranty, so let’s enjoy with no concerns!

It includes a cooking grate, and a poker and spark screen for safety. The design features airflow holes to ensure a clean burning fire with minimal smoke. It is an easy-to-clean unit with removable grates and an ash catcher tray.

If you are looking for a adjustable fire pit grill grate that can be customized according to your needs, the Singlyfire is the one for you. With a 360° swivel grill that adjusts in height, it is perfect to use at home or on the go.

4. Skyflame Outdoor Fire Pit Grill Combo – The Ideal Portable Fire pit grill combo

Skyflame Outdoor Fire Pit Grill Combo, made of stainless steel, is an ideal portable fire pit grill combo equipped with a height-adjustable grill grate, removable central circular grate, and a bottom wood burning tray plate weighing just around 10 pounds.

The hand-held long holes on the sides make the whole pit more portable and easy to carry even when assembled. The campfire grill with a central circular grate over the fire pit is detachable.

It can also be replaced with the same-sized metal skillet, plate, pan, and pot, providing you with plenty of options for cooking methods, such as grilling, frying, stewing, etc.

I like to use these cast iron pots for open fire cooking.

The venting holes on both sides of the grill increase the air circulation, which creates a higher and more powerful flame and hence better heating.

The side sloping panels have a greater capacity of wood, which lets the heat spread along the boards and up to the entire surroundings, creating a larger area of grilling and dispensing heat equally drawing you out of the fear of your food being overcooked in the middle and undercooked around.

5. Sunnydaze Northland Outdoor Rectangular Fire Pit with Grill 


Sunnydaze presents a unique “Northland fire pit with grate for grilling ” with a trapezoidal mesh at the top that offers protection from sparks. The outdoor fire pit is made of sturdy material and is rust-resistant.

Northland fire pit is a charcoal or caged wood-burning grill with a durable steel-constructed cooking grill. The grill features heat-resistant and rust-free black paint finishing. The black color blends well with any decor theme so that you can enjoy a perfect moment. 

Moreover, the fire pit consists of a durable rectangular cooking grate, a spark screen or mesh, a poker tool to control the flame, and a weather-resistant cover. The rectangular fire pit grill with a cooking grate is Perfect for bbq cooking. The hinged door on the mesh topper allows you to add firewood and easy access to the grilling grate. 

The large pit of 36 x 27 x 25 inches is ideal for bonfires or bbq parties in the backyard or patio. The tubular metal rail makes it portable enough to bring along at the campground.

Sunnydaze Northland grill comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, so buy with no more worries!

6. UCO Flatpack Portable Grill and Fire Pit

UCO Stainless steel grill comes in two sizes; regular size with a 13 x 10-inch grilling area(up to 6 servings) and mini size with a 9 x 6.75-inch grilling area(up to 3 servings). Its sturdy structure and stainless steel ensure ultimate durability and easy maintenance. 

UCO Flatpack fire pit quickly folds up to 1.5 inches and fits easily in a backpack. The compact design makes it portable, so you can easily carry it for camping and enjoy a fresh barbecue.

The grill features a 30-second instant setup; just unfold it, place the grates on top, and your grill is ready!

Moreover, its stable base and wind-break sides can withstand windy breezes. Also, this grill serves as a fire pit without leaving any traces.

7. Fire Sense Fire Pit with Folding Legs 

Fire Sense fire pit is one of the best portable fire pits you can buy on Amazon. This unique fire pit is portable, offering folding legs for easy maintenance. 

Moreover, the sturdy structure features a fire bowl constructed of heat-resistant painted steel. The heat-resistant mesh fire screen keeps you safe from sparks; thus, use it without worries!

In addition, the fire pit set also contains a wood grate, a cooking grate, a screen lift tool, and a carrying bag.

The fire pit doesn’t require any extra tools for assemblement; you can easily fold and unfold it. With a dimension of 22″Dx 15″H and a Bowl Depth of 5″, this fire pit allows accessible portability features.

Things to remember when shopping for the best fire pit grill combo for your needs.


Consider the size of the fire pit grill combo. Choosing a large enough unit to accommodate the number of people you expect to use it is important.

A compact fire pit grill combo might be the best option if you have a small patio or deck. However, a larger fire pit grill combo would be better if you have a large backyard or entertain often.

Fuel Source

Think about the fuel source for the fire pit grill combo before deciding.

The most common fuel source is wood, but some options use natural gas or propane. If you plan to use the fire pit year-round, choosing a unit that can be easily converted to another fuel source is important.

Safety Features

Take into account the safety features of the fire pit grill combo. Some models come with a cover to prevent sparks from flying out, while others have a built-in screen to keep embers contained.

Choose a model that has the features you need to ensure the safety of your family and friends.


Consider the price of the fire pit grill combo. There are many affordable models on the market, but you might also want to invest in a higher-end model if you entertain often or plan to use the fire pit year-round.


It is important to take into account the warranty that is offered with the fire pit grill combo. Most units come with a one-year warranty, but some companies offer extended warranties for an additional fee.

Concluding Thoughts:

Overall, there are many factors to consider when shopping for the best fire pit grill combo. Look for a unit that meets your needs in terms of size, fuel source, safety features, price, and warranty.

By doing so, you can enjoy outdoor cooking and gatherings with friends and family for years to come. There are multiple options and brands available, so be sure to do your research before deciding.

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