How to Restart Traeger After Power Outage [6 STEPS]

It is extremely frustrating when you accidentally shut down Traeger grill or power goes out unexpectedly in the middle of preparing a delicious meal on your Traeger grill.

How to Restart Traeger After Power Outage

Sometimes Traeger is unplugged while cooking. An unexpected power outage makes it difficult to restart your Traeger grill when the power is back on.

It’s important to understand the steps involved in restarting your Traeger grill after a power outage so that you can seamlessly transition back to grilling.

In this guide, we’ll cover:

  • What happens to the Traeger pellet grill when the power goes out
  • Traeger shutdown cycle
  • Steps How to restart Traeger After Power Outage effectively and much more!

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What happens to the Traeger pellet grill when the power goes out

Traeger grills are immediately affected by power outages because they run on electricity. The unexpected loss of electricity affects the functionality of the grill in a number of ways.

1- Disruption of Temperature Control

Traeger grills use an electric temperature controller to regulate and maintain the desired cooking temperature. When the power goes out, the grill can no longer monitor and adjust the temperature automatically. As a result, the grill’s temperature may drop or rise significantly.

2- Interruption of Pellet Auger Operation

The pellet auger is responsible for transferring wood pellets from the hopper to the firepot. Without electricity, the auger cannot function, as a result, it will halt the pellet feeding process.

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3- Loss of Induction Fan Power

Traeger grills use an induction fan to supply oxygen to the fire for proper combustion. During a power outage, the fan loses power, completely stopping the airflow. In the absence of an oxygen supply, the fire may die out.

4- Controller Reset

Power outages can cause the grill’s controller to reset because the grill controller loses its connection to the power source.

As a result of the controller reset, there will be a loss of temperature settings, cooking timers, and other programmed features.

So restarting the Traeger grill properly becomes essential to ensure that the controller is reinitialized and functions correctly.

Traeger Shut Down the Cycle

When the power goes out, your Traeger grill automatically enters shutdown mode.

This shut-down cycle is designed to prevent any potential hazards to circuits that may occur when power is suddenly interrupted.

When the power goes out, the Traeger grill’s controller detects the loss of electricity and initiates the shut-down cycle.

During Traeger’s shutdown cycle first, the fan that blows air to the fire stops spinning. Then, the pellet auger, which feeds wood pellets into the firepot, stops operating. If the grill was just starting, it stops lighting up. Now without power, we don’t have any fire in the grill.

When the power comes back, the grill’s controller might need to start again. We have to follow the right steps to make sure it works properly. The shut-down cycle keeps us safe, and the restart helps the grill get back to cooking tasty food!

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How to Restart Traeger After Power Outage

Restarting your Traeger after a power outage can be a bit tricky if you don’t know the proper steps.

To restart your Traeger grill after a power outage once the power is back, follow these steps:

1- Check for Power

Make sure that the power has been fully restored and that there are no ongoing electrical issues.

2- Clean the Fire Pot And Grill Grates

Cleaning the firepot and grill grates is an essential step when restarting your Traeger after a power outage. The Traeger shutdown cycle may leave ash and debris in the firepot and on the grates which could cause a fire hazard or an unpleasant taste to your food.

Remove any ash or debris that may have accumulated during the power outage. Use a grill brush or scraper to remove any visible ash or debris from the grates and the firepot. You can use an ash vacuum cleaner to clean the ash and debris.


Price: $48

Wipe the grill grates and the grease pan with a damp cloth.

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3- Pellet Check

The first thing you need to do in the Trager restart procedure after a power outage is to check the hopper.

The hopper is where you store your wood pellets, which means it’s the starting point of the entire cooking process. Make sure that the hopper is filled up to at least half capacity. This will ensure that your Traeger has enough pellets to begin the shutdown cycle.

If the hopper is empty or low on pellets, your Traeger won’t be able to complete the shutdown cycle, and it won’t restart properly. It’s also important to check the hopper for any signs of moisture or damage. Make sure that the pellets are dry and free from any debris or foreign objects.

Any moisture or foreign objects can cause the pellets to clump together, which can lead to issues with the feed system. By checking the hopper of your Traeger, you’re taking the first important step in ensuring a successful restart procedure.

4- Open the Lid

Lift the grill lid to allow proper airflow during the startup process.

5- Power On And Reset the Control Board of Your Traeger

To restart your Traeger pellet grill, you will need to reset the control board.

To begin, first, turn off the Traeger’s power switch and unplug it from the power source. Wait for at least 30 seconds to ensure the control board has completely shut down.

Next, plug in your Traeger and turn on the power switch. Press the “Ignite” button and hold it for at least five seconds until you hear a clicking sound.

Give the grill a few moments to initialize. You may hear the induction fan start, and the auger will begin feeding pellets into the firepot.

This will release any leftover pellets in the auger. Now, press the “Ignite” button again to start the Traeger.

6- Set the Desired Cooking Temperature

Once the startup cycle is complete Now set the temperature control dial to your desired cooking temperature for the specific recipe you are preparing.

Wait for the grill to reach the desired set temperature and you are ready to start cooking!

Wrap Up: How to Restart Traeger

By following these simple steps, you can easily restart your Traeger after a power outage without any hassle. Always remember to take caution while handling electrical equipment.

If the problem cannot be fixed using the above-mentioned troubleshooting tips, check your grill model’s particular instructions in the Traeger owner’s manual.

It might offer additional steps for troubleshooting. You can also contact Traeger’s customer care to get professional assistance and advice catered to your particular circumstances.

Troubleshooting may differ depending on the Traeger grill’s model and features. To guarantee the greatest performance and safety of your grill, it’s important to consult the owner’s manual and get expert help when necessary.


Can you cancel the shutdown cycle on Traeger?

No, it is not possible to cancel the shutdown cycle on a Traeger grill once it has been initiated.
The shutdown cycle is designed to ensure safety and protect the grill components during a power outage or other circumstances.
It is important to allow the shutdown cycle to complete before attempting to restart the grill. Trying to cancel or interrupt the shutdown cycle can lead to potential safety hazards or malfunctions. It is recommended to follow the proper restart procedure after the shutdown cycle has been completed to ensure the grill operates safely and efficiently.

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