8 Reasons Why Traeger Auger Not Turning? (Try Quick Solutions)

Imagine this: you’re all set for a fantastic barbecue session with your trusty Traeger grill. But you notice that Traeger Auger Not Turning. The Traeger auger is responsible for transporting wood pellets from the hopper to the fire pot to produce heat.

Traeger Auger Not Turning

You can easily troubleshoot your Traeger auger back into action, spinning and delivering those pellets like a pro.

In this article, I will guide you what are the possible reasons for the Traeger grill auger not turning, and how to fix it.


Before we delve into the troubleshooting, let’s grasp the basics. The Traeger auger is a crucial component of your grill, a motorized screw-like mechanism designed to transport wood pellets from the hopper to the fire pot.

The auger is powered by an electric motor which turns a screw-like shaft, which in turn moves the wood pellets from the hopper to the fire pot.

It ensures a steady supply of pellets for consistent heat, allowing you to master the art of grilling.

Auger ensures a steady supply of wood pellets into the fire pot, allowing the grill to maintain an even temperature throughout the cooking process.

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The auger speed in a Traeger grill is primarily determined by the grill’s controller.

The controller regulates the speed of the auger to maintain the desired cooking temperature.

When you set the temperature on your Traeger grill, the controller adjusts the auger speed accordingly. Higher temperature settings result in a faster auger speed, while lower settings slow it down.

This precise control of the auger speed allows the grill to maintain a consistent cooking temperature, ensuring your food is cooked to perfection.

8 Reasons Why Is My Traeger Auger Not Turning

REASON 1 – Traeger Auger is Jammed

If your Traeger smoker auger isn’t turning, one of the most common reasons is the jammed auger. Auger jams can happen when there is a buildup of ash, moisture, fuel residue, debris, or foreign objects within the auger mechanism.

It might come as a surprise to find solid objects like pellets, utensils, or even knives lodged in the apparatus, causing a blockage.

Wet pellets, too, can lead to blockages. Exposure to moisture can cause the pellets to clump together, obstructing the airflow and pathways within the auger.

This can particularly become a problem during colder months when moisture is more likely to affect the pellet stove, despite any coverings in place.

How do I know if my Traeger auger is jammed?

If the auger in a Traeger grill is jammed, you may receive an error code on the controller.

The specific error code may vary depending on the model of your Traeger grill, but commonly, the error codes associated with auger issues include “Er6″ and “Er7.”

These error codes indicate a problem with the auger, such as a jam or overcurrent condition. When you see one of these error codes, it’s a signal that you should check the auger for obstructions and clear any jams to ensure proper operation.

Reason 2 – Traeger Auger Motor Problems

If the Traeger auger is not turning, the motor may have gone bad.

How to know if your Traeger auger motor is bad? Here are some signs that may indicate an issue with your Traeger auger motor.

1- Traeger Not Feeding Pellets: One of the most apparent signs is when the Traeger won’t feed pellets into the firepot. If you hear the fan working but don’t see pellets entering the firepot, it could be a motor problem.

2- Unusual Noise: If you hear strange or loud noises coming from the auger motor, such as grinding or clicking sounds, it might be a sign that the motor is struggling or failing.

3- Inconsistent Temperature: If your Traeger grill is having difficulty maintaining a consistent temperature, it could be due to irregular pellet feeding caused by a faulty auger motor.

4- Pellet Jams: Frequent pellet jams, where pellets get stuck in the auger or hopper, can indicate an issue with the motor not turning the auger properly.

5- Excessive Motor Heat: If the motor becomes unusually hot during operation, it may be a sign of overworking due to a problem with the auger or other components.

6- Visual Inspection: In some cases, you may visually inspect the motor for physical damage, loose wires, or other visible issues that could affect its performance

Motor failure is often a result of overheating or aging of the motor. If you haven’t replaced the auger motor since you purchased it, there are chances that the motor has malfunctioned.

7- Traeger auger over current: On the other hand, if you’ve got a new Traeger pellet and used it two to three times and find that Traeger auger motor not working then it may be due to the Traeger auger over current.

Pellet grills like Traeger’s operate optimally within specific voltage ranges, and deviations from these ranges can ruin the motor structure and function.

Reason 3 – Broken Vacuum Switch

If the auger motor is all clear, the fault might be in the vacuum switch. It plays a vital role in regulating the airflow within the pellet grill.

Due to frequent usage and overpressure, the switch can break and cause a problem for the auger.

Another common scenario is blockages in the grill’s airway, often caused by an accumulation of ash and debris. When these blockages occur, it can trigger the vacuum switch, thinking there’s an issue with airflow. As a result, the auger may not turn as expected.

Reason 4 – Shear Pin Displacement

Shear pins connect the auger to the auger motor, and their placement is typically behind the auger motor assembly.

Traeger pellet grills may feature different types of shear pins depending on the model. The problem with shear pin displacement is usually faced by consumers with old Traeger grills.

These shear pins serve as a protective mechanism; in the event of a jam or excessive resistance within the auger system, the shear pin will break or release, preventing damage to the motor and allowing for manual correction of the issue.

However, Traeger has since addressed this concern by implementing a more robust and stable nut and bolt design for shear pins in newer models.

In cases where a shear pin becomes displaced, it can indeed result in the traeger auger not moving as it should.

traeger not feeding pellets

Reason 5 – Faulty Power Source

If everything is in place, the last and most important thing you should doubt is a faulty plug or socket. The Traeger won’t turn if it is not receiving current from the power supply.

When you plug in the grill, the controller must be on. If it’s not, know that the power source is faulty.

Poor connection or damaged power cable can also cause Traeger auger to not work properly. This might be the probable reason for you if you use your Traeger on the lawn or patio. Pets and lawnmowers can damage the cable without you knowing.

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Reason 6 – Low-Quality or Wet Pellets

Poor-quality wood pellets that crumble easily or wet pellets can lead to auger blockages. It’s essential to use high-quality, dry pellets to ensure smooth pellet flow.

Reason 7 – Controller Error Codes

traeger auger wont turn

Some Traeger grills may display error codes like “Er6” or “Er7” when there are issues with the auger. These codes can provide valuable information about the problem and guide your troubleshooting efforts.

Error Code “Er6”

If you see “Er6” on your controller, it means that there might be an issue with the wiring or connection between the controller and the auger motor.

To address this, you should first check the auger’s electrical connections, ensuring they are secure and properly connected. If the issue persists after verifying the connections, you may need to replace the auger motor or seek professional assistance.

Error Code “Er7” or “Auger Overcurrent”

When you encounter “Er7,” it typically indicates that the auger is jammed or obstructed in some way. This obstruction could be due to wet pellets, foreign objects, or excessive debris blocking the auger’s movement.

To clear this error, you should follow the steps outlined in the grill’s troubleshooting guide to clear a jammed auger.

This often involves running the auger forward and backward to dislodge any blockages. If you continue to experience “Er7” after clearing the jam, it may be necessary to replace the auger motor or address any other mechanical issues affecting the auger system.

Reason 8 – Damaged Components

Inspect components such as the control panel fuse, induction fan, and wiring for damage. Any compromised parts can affect the auger’s performance.

How to Fix a Traeger Auger Not Turning

For each of the common issues causing a Traeger smoker auger not turning, there are specific fixes you can try. Follow these instructions to resolve the problem and get your auger spinning smoothly:

What will you need?

  • Allen key or pliers
  • Pipe wrench
  • Another source of power supply
  • Replacement of components if needed
  • Test wire

1. Change the Power Source

The first thing you have to check whenever an auger is not turning is the power source. Not because it’s easier to check. But this reason is ignored in many cases and we waste our time fixing more technical issues which were not even the actual cause.

So carefully inspect the power supply. Plug the Traeger in any other socket to make sure the problem isn’t with the power supply.

Also, don’t forget to check the plug and connection wires.

2. Check for any damaged components and replace them

The second important thing is to check circuits when the Traeger auger not working. Once you have checked that power supply, cables, plug, and socket, everything is okay. Now it’s time to open up the big thing and check if there’s something wrong inside. Follow the steps:

  1. Unplug the pellet grill. Wait for it to be cooled and if it is already unplugged and cooled down, move on to the next step.
  2. Disassemble it with the help of a screwdriver. Remove the control panel first. There are four screws here. Loosen them.
  3. Note: Some consumers also have reported that their issue got solved just after loosening two screws.
  4. Empty the hopper and remove it as well. Place your hand underneath the hopper to make a good balance. Otherwise, it may fall on your foot.
  5. Check if there are any visibly damaged components inside including the vacuum switch, control panel fuse, or induction fan.

3. Check if the auger motor pin is in place

Following the above steps when the auger is exposed in front of you, check for the auger motor pin if it is intact or not.

  1. If the pin is missing, find it out first. It might be somewhere inside the grill. Shake it and you’ll hear the sound of a pin floating inside.
  2. Check the box or the area where you assembled it.
  3. If the auger pin is intact, check if it is loosened. Quick release pins are prone to be displaced or getting missing. Replace this pin with an auger motor pin which comes with a nut and bolt.

4. Test the Auger Motor

If the auger not working on Traeger and stops after a few minutes, check the motor failure, you obviously have to expose the auger motor. Follow the steps to test an auger motor.

  1. Remove the shear pin with the help of an Allen key and pliers. It will disconnect the auger shaft from the auger motor.
  2. Unscrew the two screws on the bottom edge of the motor.
  3. Connect your auger motor to the test wire and then connect it to a surge protector.
  4. Turn on the surge protector and note if the motor starts turning or not.
  5. If the motor starts turning, try to stop it with the pliers. A good motor won’t be able to stop due to enough torque.
  6. If the motor stops when you do so, it’s time to replace the motor with a new one.

5. Remove the Auger Shaft to Clear the Auger Jam

The motor’s all okay? Might be a Traeger auger jammed with wet pellets. Follow the steps to clear an auger jam:

  1. Get rid of the bushing face by unscrewing the bushing screw on the circular hatch. 
  2. Use a pipe wrench to remove the auger shaft. It will be quite difficult if the auger is excessively jammed.
  3. Now it’s time to clean the auger. Move the auger in and out while spinning it. It will help clear the majority of the jam.

How to remove pellets from Traeger Auger?

The next few steps include how to clean excess dust from the auger.

  1. Use a vacuum to clear excess dust and pellets inside the auger shaft. Focus on the fire pot as well. How often do you Vacuum your pellet grill?(3 BEST PELLET GRILL ASH VACUUM)
  2. Once everything is cleaned, put the auger back together. First, insert the auger shaft. Then place the screw you removed to uphold the bushing.
  3. Then attach the auger motor to the auger by inserting the shear pin.

How long will it take to fix a Traeger auger that isn’t turning?

It depends on the problem. If there’s an issue in the power supply, you have to simply change the socket in 2-3 minutes.

Replacing the auger motor pin will take about ten minutes maximum. Clearing an auger jam can take about 30-60 minutes.

However, if the auger motor or its components malfunction, it will take more time. And you may need a technician’s help with this.

Why is my new Traeger Smoker Auger Not Turning?

An older Traeger auger can stop working due to aging, auger jam, or overuse, etc. But if your new Traeger auger isn’t working, and you haven’t set a temperature yet.

To make the auger work, you have to first press the power button and then turn the controller dial to set your desired temperature. Then press on the dial to confirm. The screen will display the option ‘Press here to ignite’. Press and hold it until the Traeger starts.

If you are finding a technical issue, then it might be with the shear pin. Remove the control panel and hop. Check if the pin is in place.

Older models of Traeger come with a Quick-release pin, you can contact customer support to replace this pin with an auger motor pin.

Can you replace a Traeger auger motor?

Yes, you can replace the Traeger auger motor if it’s not working efficiently. You can also replace it to upgrade the auger to reach the desired temperatures faster.

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Traeger Auger Replacement

For replacing the Traeger auger motor, open the Traeger by the method explained above. Once the auger is exposed, you’ll observe two red wires.

Unplug those wires and detach the auger motor from the auger by removing the shear pin. Now put the new motor in the auger shaft and attach it with the help of a shear pin.

Plug the red wires of the auger motor into the red wires of the controller and you’re done.

How to know if my Traeger Auger is jammed?

If the auger is not turning and the motor is fine, know that the auger is typically jammed. Open the hopper and auger shaft to check if there are any pellets stuck inside.

If there is any dirt, dust, moisture, or pellets inside, your Traeger auger is jammed. Clear an auger jam by the method explained above.

How to Prevent An Auger Jam in the Future?

Preventing your pellets from moisture is the key to preventing an auger jam. So make sure the pellets are not puffy before putting them into the hopper.

Do not store the pellets outside, instead use an airtight container for the storage of pellets. Invest in good quality pellets, specifically made from natural hardwood material. 

Also, never leave the pellets in the hopper if you’re not planning to cook.

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How to Prime a Traeger Auger?

You need to prime your Traeger auger if you’re using it for the first time. It will just take 7-10 minutes to prime the auger.

No need to prime an auger after every use. You only need to prime it when you remove all the pellets and vacuum it.

Following are the steps to prime the Traeger auger:

  • Plug in the Traeger. Turn on the switch on the back of the grill.
  • Add pellets to the hopper. Select Auger on the controller and then press ‘Prime Auger’.
  • The pellets will start moving towards the firepot, press Done. The auger will be turned off.

Final Thought: Traeger Pellet Grill Auger Not Turning

A properly functioning Traeger auger is essential for efficient grilling. Follow the troubleshooting steps provided to address common issues and restore your auger’s operation.

Regular maintenance and quality wood pellets are key to preventing future problems. Familiarize yourself with error codes Er6 and Er7 for quick diagnostics.

For replacement parts, consider purchasing directly from Traeger to ensure quality and maintain your warranty.

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