8 Traeger Super Smoke Hack

Traeger grills are very popular for their innovative features and exceptional cooking performance. One standout feature that sets Traeger grills apart is the Super Smoke feature.

Traeger Super Smoke Hack

With Super Smoke, you can smoke blast your food with 100% hardwood. With the push of a button, the Super Smoke mode intensifies the production of smoke within the grill, giving food a more pronounced smoky flavor.

In this guide, we’ll cover some Traeger super smoke hacks that unlock the full potential of your Traeger grill, infusing your meats, and veggies with a tantalizing smokiness.

Get ready to learn the secrets of the Traeger Super Smoke hack and bring the ultimate smoky flavor to your backyard cookouts.

Understanding Traeger Super Smoke Feature

Traeger’s Super Smoke feature is a remarkable innovation that allows grillers to cook food with a more intense smokey flavor.

In contrast to conventional grills, Traeger grills use wood pellets as the fuel source, giving the meal a distinct wood-fired flavor. The Super Smoke technology takes this flavor enhancement to the next level.

What is Traeger Super Smoke?

A Traeger grill’s Super Smoke mode optimizes smoke production by adjusting the airflow and temperature control systems.

As a result, the smoke becomes denser and more intense, which permeates the meal and gives food a strong smokey flavor. The technology behind Super Smoke uses precise temperature management and fan control to generate smoke consistently throughout the cooking process.

Traeger Super Smoke Temp

Traeger super smoke setting is effective at lower temperature ranges, typically between 165°F and 225°F (74°-107° C).

This means you have the flexibility to cook your food at a lower temperature for a longer duration, which allows the smoke penetrates and infuse the ingredients thoroughly.

Traeger Pellet Grills With Super Smoke Feature

Some popular Traeger grill models that include Super Smoke mode are:

  • Traeger Ironwood Series
  • Timberline Series
  • Traeger Pro Series
  • Traeger Redland 

8 Traeger Super Smoke Hack

1- Preheat the Grill

When it comes to maximizing the Super Smoke effect on your Traeger grill, proper preheating is an essential step that should not be overlooked. I, make it a habit to preheat my Traeger grill before each cooking session.

When you pre-heat your grill, the wood pellets ignite and begin to emit smoke long before you put food on the grates.

This early initiation of smoke production is especially important when using the Super Smoke mode, as it enables you to capitalize on the maximum delivery of smoke from the start.

By taking the extra time to preheat your Traeger grill properly, you ensure that the Super Smoke feature operates at its full potential.

2- Use High-Quality Wood Pellets

When using your Traeger grill’s Super Smoke mode, the type and quality of wood pellets you choose can make a noticeable difference in flavor.

To maximize the Super Smoke experience, it’s important to get high-quality wood pellets that are specifically designed for smoking.

Premium hardwood pellets are the ideal choice for achieving the best results. These pellets are made from high-quality 100% natural wood like oak, hickory, maple, or cherry without any additives or fillers.

They have undergone a precise manufacturing process to achieve the perfect moisture content and size that results in a steady production of smoke throughout the cooking process.

3- Keep the Lid Closed

When using the Super Smoke mode on your Traeger grill, it’s important to resist the urge to continuously check on your food.

When you open the lid frequently you can disrupt the airflow and compromise the effectiveness of the Super Smoke feature. Because the Super Smoke mode is designed to create a consistent and controlled environment for maximum smoke infusion.

Every time you open the lid, you allow the smoke and heat to escape, causing fluctuations in temperature and interrupting the smoking process.

This can result in uneven smoke distribution and a less intense flavor profile in your dishes. To avoid these it’s best to maintain a “set it and forget it” approach during the Super Smoke process.

Instead of constantly peeking at your food, use a digital meat thermometer to monitor the internal temperature.

This way, you can ensure that your food is cooking at the desired temperature without the need to open the lid. Only open the grill when necessary, such as when it’s time to flip or remove your food.

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4- Use the Super Smoke Mode for Longer Cooks

One effective hack to make the most of the Super Smoke mode on your Traeger grill is to use it during longer cooking sessions.

When you’re preparing large cuts of meat or dishes that require extended cooking times, activate the Super Smoke mode in the initial phase.

Start by preheating your grill and setting it to the desired temperature. Once the grill has reached the target temperature, activate the Super Smoke mode.

This will initiate the maximum delivery of smoke, allowing the flavors to permeate the meat or other ingredients during the crucial early stages of cooking.

Let the Super Smoke mode run for a designated period, typically around 2 to 4 hours depending on the size and type of meat or dish you’re preparing.

After the initial Super Smoke phase, you can transition to regular cooking mode to finish the cook. At this point, the food has absorbed a substantial amount of smoke, and you can easily transition to regular cooking mode to get the desired internal temperature.

5- Reverse Sear Technique

For perfectly smoked and seared steaks, use the reverse sear technique. Start by smoking the steak using the Super Smoke mode, then finish with a quick sear on high heat to achieve a caramelized crust.

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when you activate the Super Smoke mode during the smoking phase of the reverse sear, you allow the wood pellets to generate an intense and consistent flow of smoke.

This extended exposure to smoke infuses the steaks with a deep, smoky flavor, creating a more pronounced taste profile.

6- Use Foil Packets

Create foil packets filled with herbs, spices, and wood chips to add an extra layer of flavor to your dishes. Place the foil packets directly on the grill grates while using the Super Smoke mode.

You can bast your food with marinades, and sauces. It will enhance the smoky flavor and keeps the meat tender and juicy.

You can even place aromatic ingredients like garlic cloves, onion slices, or fresh herbs directly on the grill grates or in a smoke box to give more flavor to food.

7- Experiment with Cold Smoking

Take advantage of the Super Smoke mode for cold smoking cheese or fish. Use a cold smoking attachment or create a makeshift smoke chamber to infuse these ingredients with a gentle smokiness.

When cold smoking with the Super Smoke mode, it’s important to keep the temperature low, typically below 90°F (32°C), to avoid cooking the food.

To create a makeshift smoke chamber, you can use a large container or even a dedicated smoker box. Place a small tray or rack inside the chamber to hold the ingredients, ensuring they are elevated and not in direct contact with the smoke source.

Next, activate the Super Smoke mode on your Traeger grill and position the smoke source, such as wood chips or pellets, in a separate tray or smoke box adjacent to the food.

The smoke will slowly fill the chamber and will surround the food in its delicious aroma.

8- Smoke Infused Salt or Butter

You can enhance your seasoning game by smoking salt or butter using the Super Smoke mode. Simply place the salt or butter in a heatproof container and let it absorb the smoky flavors during the cooking process.

To smoke salt, start by spreading a layer of coarse salt on a heatproof container or tray. Place the container directly on the grill grates while the Super Smoke mode is active.

The smoky heat will infuse the salt with a rich and smoky flavor. Stir the salt occasionally to ensure even smoke distribution.

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After the desired level of smokiness is achieved, remove the salt from the grill and let it cool before transferring it to an airtight container for storage. Smoked salt can be used as a finishing touch to sprinkle on dishes just before serving, adding a depth of flavor that regular salt cannot provide.

For smoked butter, place a stick or two of unsalted butter in a heatproof dish or container. You can even add herbs or spices to the butter for additional flavor infusion.

Put the dish on the grill while the Super Smoke mode is activated, allowing the butter to melt and absorb the smoky goodness. Once the butter has taken on the desired level of smokiness, remove it from the grill and let it solidify at room temperature.

You can then use the smoked butter to add a smoky taste to your favorite recipes, like spreading it on warm bread or melting it over grilled steaks or vegetables.

Does Traeger Super Smoke use more pellets?

Yes, Traeger Super Smoke mode uses a higher pellet consumption compared to regular cooking modes. The increased smoke requires more pellets to maintain the desired smoky flavor throughout the cooking process.

It’s important to provide an ample supply of pellets when using Super Smoke mode to achieve optimal results.

Wrap Up

Traeger Super Smoke mode is a total game-changer. By understanding and implementing these Traeger Super Smoke hacks, you can unlock a new level of flavor and aroma in your dishes.

Unlock the full potential of your Traeger Super Smoke mode with these 20 Best Smoked Vegetables Recipe (EASY)recipes.


Can I add Super smoke to my Traeger?

If your Traeger grill does not come with the Super Smoke feature built-in, it is not possible to add it to your normal Traeger grill.

Super Smoke mode is a specific feature available on select Traeger models that have been designed and equipped with the necessary components to generate increased smoke output.

You may not be able to add Super Smoke to your existing grill, but you can still achieve deliciously smoky flavors using traditional smoking techniques and carefully controlling the temperature and smoke levels on your Traeger grill.

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