How to Make Smoked Salt at Home (2-Methods)

How to Make Smoked Salt at Home (2-Methods)

smoked salt

Smoked salt is a wonderful seasoning used to add a smokey flavor to various dishes.

Are you wondering what the process would be like to smoke your own salts, to produce your own flavor, varieties, and intensities? Would you need an actual smoker or your average Weber will do the trick?

What would the other parameters be (temperature, time, amount of fuel for the smoke, etc.)?

So how to make homemade smoked salt? Smoking salt is easy. You can cold smoke salt in a smoker by using wood chips or hot smoke the salt in an open fire charcoal grill. It’s easy to prep your smoker for cold smoking and let the flavors come.

With this smoked salt recipe, you can experiment with different smoky flavors & intensities. And, you don’t need to limit yourself to only salt. You can also smoke spices like paprika and sea salt with this method.; try experimenting!

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What is Smoked Salt?

Smoked salt is a type of salt that has been smoked over wood chips, which gives them a unique flavor profile.

We typically use it in dishes that require a smoky flavor, such as barbecued meats, soups, seafood, and sauces, and in rubs for meats and vegetables.

When cooking with smoked salt, it is important not to use too much because it can make the dish too salty. Smoked salts like Alderwood smoked salt, Applewood smoked salt, and Hickory smoked salt are the top flavors.

Recipes with Smoked Salt That Will Impress Anyone

What kind of salt do you use for smoking?

The type of salt you choose to smoke makes a big difference. We usually use

-coarse sea salt,

-Himalayan pink salt or

-kosher salt.

It is possible to smoke finer salts like table salt, but the flavor won’t always be as intense.

Smoked salts are different from flavored salt. Artificial flavors and liquid smoke are usually used to make flavored salt.

What is the best wood for smoked salt?

The smoke flavor of salt varies significantly depending on which kind of wood is used to smoke it.

There are a variety of different wood types that give the salt its smoke flavor. Some wood types are very aromatic and others are milder. One type of wood that is used to make smoked salt is applewood. Applewood gives the salt a sweet and fruity flavor.

The most common types of wood to impart a smoky flavor are usually applewood, hickory, cherry, peach, oak, and maple

How to Make Smoked Salt at Home Using two Methods

To make homemade smoked salt, you can follow one of these two methods:

Hot Smoked Salt Method

This recipe will make two cups of salt, which is plenty of enough for you to share with your friends.

You can either use a charcoal grill, a gas grill with a smoker box, or a pellet grill for making hot smoked salt. Be sure to heat your grill to 275 degrees Fahrenheit and follow the below steps. I like the charcoal method.

Here’s all it takes to hot smok salt on a charcoal grill

–2 cups of wood chips soaked in water for one hour then drained

–2 cups coarse salt, either kosher or sea salt

–Aluminum foil pie pan

Method to Hot smoked salt Recipe

hot smoked salt

—Take your charcoal grill and use lump charcoal to fire the grill. Use decent quality lump charcoal and this will burn through maybe half a dozen pieces of charcoal every 3 or 4 hours.

—Set up the grill for indirect grilling. This means that you put all your hot coals on one side and leave a cool side to work from.

—Toss the wood chips of your choice on the coals. I am using hickory chunks.

—Take an aluminum foil pie pan and punch a bunch of holes in it.

—Take salt and fill the pie pan about 3/8 inch with salt. Spread the salt into a thin layer in the foil pan.

—Place your grate on the grill and put the pie pan on top of it on the cool side of the grill. Cover the grill and adjust the vent holes to medium heat, which is about 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

—Now smoke salt for 2 hours at about 325 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

—Every 30 minutes or so, open it up and give the salt a stir. We want that smoke to coat all surfaces.

—After two hours, take it off. We have golden smoked salt.

—Let the smoked salt completely cool before storing it in an airtight container away from heat and light. These little jars make great gifts and they’re easy to store.

Cold Smoked Salt Recipe Using Pellet Tube Smoker

To make cold smoked salt, all you need is a pellet tube smoker and a gas grill or pellet grill. If you don’t have it, you can make your own wood chip foil pack. I like to use a pellet tube smoker because it generates a lot of smoke.

— The first step before cold smoking is to prepare your smoker. The target temperature of grill should be no higher than 80 degrees Fahrenheit before putting the salt inside.

—Fill the pellet tube smoker with a flavored pellet of your choice.

—Take an aluminum pie pan and spread the salt evenly in your pan.

—Now light the pellet with the flame or torch. Let it burn for a few minutes.

—Place salt, and pellet smoker tube inside the grill and close the lid.

— For a strong smoke flavor, salt needs to be smoked for 4-24 hours, stirring occasionally.

Smoked Salt Uses

Smoked salt is perfect for use in the kitchen where you think a dish could use a little richness and aroma. And with the range of flavor options available, the creative possibilities are practically endless. 

You can use smoke salt as a seasoning for a snack, sprinkle over breakfast, as a dry rub for the BBQ, or in sweet dishes and drinks. List of recipes to make with smoked salt.

Wrap Up:

Smoked salt is a versatile, delicious seasoning that can be used in a variety of recipes. I commonly used it in BBQ rubs and seasonings. Smoked salt can also be used to add flavor to salads and vegetables.

You can add them to vegetarian recipes and at the rim of the cocktail glass for the next level.

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