What Happened to the Blackstone Pizza Oven? (5 Alternatives)

Blackstone pizza ovens were one of the most popular and hot selling items by Blackstone. My mother even used one for a little while until the company discontinued their most sought-after item.

So What happened to the Blackstone pizza oven?

Multiple customers theorized the ovens’ excessive need for support as the reason behind its stopped manufacture, and although the company hasn’t yet confirmed any news about its continual, they have spoken about launching a newer version to the market very soon.

what happened to the Blackstone pizza oven

We are going to discuss some reasons that might have caused the discontinuation of the Blackstone pizza oven in this article.

What happened to the Blackstone Pizza Oven?

Blackstone pizza ovens (also known as patio ovens) were initially an open success for the company. However, as their new Blackstone griddle started to blow up and garnered them a vast profit, the company’s attention swiftly shifted towards their hottest new-selling product.

Everything You Need to Know About Blackstone Griddle

Suddenly, consumers even started coming out with various issues they noticed that mysteriously arose after the series’ cessation. It seems like they got more bad feedback than good, though.

If you are the owner of a griddle, the good thing is you can still cook pizza on a Blackstone griddle.

The Complete Guide To Cook Pizza On Blackstone Griddle

Reason to be the best pizza oven in the market

Are you wondering what happened to the best pizza oven on the market? Perhaps why people are head over heels for this product? This famous Blackstone product comes in with various specifications, it provides you with endless features and specifications to bake yourself a perfect pizza.

  • Cost-effective

I could credit its massive popularity to its great and reasonable price list. Purchasing outdoor patio ovens can be a little expensive, however, Blackstone pizza ovens enabled many users to buy themselves pizza ovens at reasonable prices.

  • Cook consistently 

It checked off numerous elements needed for cooking a delicious pizza, including cooking consistently and throughout the timer, which allowed consumers to enjoy a brown crust, and crispy pizza.

  • Rotating Pizza tray

Its in-built rotating pizza tray proved to be quite popular amongst the pizza oven community. It enabled users to rotate the pizza halfway to the timer, which produced an evenly and perfectly cooked pizza.

  • Cooking speed

Its time-effectiveness was a shock to potential buyers. Receiving a perfectly made pizza in under 2 minutes? For many, it was an offer too good to ignore.

  • High Quality

To top it all off, the series basically gave you every feature one would need in a reliable and consistent pizza oven while maintaining its durability.

Top Reasons why the Blackstone Pizza Oven was discontinued 

The succession didn’t come without its fault. Here we list down some of the major reasons which led to Blackstone’s pizza oven range coming to an eventual rest.

Specific cooking range

The Blackstone pizza oven accompanied the customers with delicious and crispy pizza dough but when it came to cooking dishes that required a capacity of more than 12 inches, it would be rendered ineffective, leaving the consumer to look for an alternative. While the Blackstone pizza oven proved to be a master at its specialization, it failed to be an all-rounder article.

Replacement of Blackstone pizza oven motor

Though it was excellent at providing quick results, when it came to continuous usage, the oven started breaking down. Many customers complained about its motor being burned when they used to make several pizzas at their party. 

This became a popular opinion among users as several people came out with the same complaint about the motor running short when used for a long time.

Manually spinning of plates

Sometimes, the plate would only manually spin at a certain angle. This proved to be an irksome experience for many.

Difficult to put together 

Although instructions were provided, the range often needed professional help to be put together.

Blackstone Pizza Oven Alternative

As the Blackstone pizza oven is discontinued and is no longer available in the market, here are some other efficient alternatives to invest in.

1. Ooni Koda

Ooni Pro is a great alternative for Blackstone pizza ovens. It provides you with a hot pizza in under 60 seconds. The feature balance of this derivative is outstanding. All you need to do is rotate the pizza halfway through the timer and there you go! You’ve got yourself a mouthwatering and fresh pizza done within a minute. It is an ideal combination for anyone who’s interested in a multi-functional pizza oven.

2. Napoli Pizza Oven

Napoli Pizza oven is a recent launch in the market and it provides the consumer with better and more refined features at a reasonable price. It enables the user to cook pie up to 12 inches and readies a pizza in under a minute.

3. Pizzacraft Pizzaque Outdoor Pizza Oven

This model is another cost-effective pizza oven in alternative to the Blackstone pizza oven. While it takes a minute more than other pizza ovens on this list, it’s a gas-fueled pizza oven, so if you enjoy the authentic wood flavor in your pizza, this is a go for you.

4. The Roccbox Pizza Oven

This restaurant-style portable pizza oven is another substantial option for outdoor grilling lovers. Its highest temperature goes all the way up to 950 degrees and it comes with a 5-year warranty.

5. Ooni Karu 12 Multi-Fuel Outdoor Pizza Oven

This generalist item enables the customer to bake pizza in just 60 seconds… The innovative design permits multiple pizzas to be cooked at once. The Dome is unparalleled for its even heat, convenience, and versatility.


The sudden and inexplicable termination of the series caused a wave of confusion in the community. In attempts to provide some closure, users started bringing up issues that would otherwise be overlooked.

Blackstone pizza ovens were not just attractive wood fire equipment, but their specifications and features made them the best in the market. Buyers appreciated its sleek and stylish design, that not only brought forth an incredible layout but also made it a pro in its job of cooking.

Overall, the market is heavily saturated, which means you can easily find different and even better alternatives.

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