7 Best Teppanyaki Grill For Korean BBQ 2023

teppanyaki grill

Korean BBQ is a unique Korean cuisine that usually involves grilling meat, seafood, and vegetables in a Korean pot and is a popular meal eaten by many.

If you try the Korean style of barbecue, it is very likely that it will become a permanent fixture at your next get-together.

People from the western world discovered how delicious Korean BBQ is, and it became a popular concept. There are many people who like to cook Korean BBQ at home with friends and family. For this, they need an indoor Teppanyaki Korean BBQ electric grill.

So What is the Best teppanyaki grill for home? If you don’t have the time to read this until the end, then I recommend you to buy the SEAAN Electric Grill as the best electric Korean BBQ grill, which gives 2-in-1 features of a BBQ grill and hot pot.

To find the answer, read this review and our unbiased opinion on the best indoor teppanyaki grill for Korean bbq and their comparisons. We recommend tips and advice in this buying guide to help you choose the right one.

Best Teppanyaki Grill For Korean BBQ

Here is a list of the 7 best Indoor teppanyaki grill for home.

  1. TeChef Stovetop Teppanyaki Grill Pan with Portable Burner
  2. Techwood Electric Korean BBQ Grill
  3. IWATANI Smokeless Korean BBQ Grill
  4. SEAAN Electric Hot Pot Indoor Teppanyaki Grill
  5. Liven Electric Indoor Korean BBQ Electric Grill
  6. Costzon Electric Teppanyaki Table Top Indoor Korean BBQ Grill
  7. Cusimax Raclette Electric Indoor Teppanyaki Grill

What Is A Teppanyaki Grill?

Korean and Japanese BBQ restaurants are a staple in many countries. Traditional Korean BBQ restaurants have a table-top charcoal grill in the center, which has an exhaust over the top of the grill that helps to release the smoke from cooking.

Now, a modern gas or electric indoor Koren BBQ grill allows you to create the same experience at home.

The teppanyaki grill is a great way to get everyone in the family together and have a meal. The grill is set up around the table so that everyone can be included.

These grills are designed to cook bulgogi and other types of Korean barbecue in the comfort of your own home. They are typically electric grills that include a heating element and a grill plate with grooves on them.

The plates are placed on top of the heating element, and then you place your meat on the plate and let it cook for about 10 minutes or until it reaches the desired level of doneness.

1: TeChef Stovetop Teppanyaki Grill Pan with Portable Burner

Specifications and Features:

  • Dimensions LxWxH: 14x 6 x 14 inches
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Item Weight: 7.58 pounds

This is our top choice in the list of the best teppanyaki grill for the home. It is perfect for people who enjoy healthy meals but still want the convenience of cooking them at home.

The TeChef Stovetop Grill pan and burner is a cookware set that includes a metal pan, and burner and operates on butane. This product heats up quickly and cooks food evenly.

This grill is made with Teflon and is also oven safe and easy to clean. The price is quite affordable for the quality.

The swirled channels in the surfaces of the grill pan are designed to help oils drain slowly. This way, food & liquid stay in contact for much longer, which results in a more delicious flavor.

If you want to experience the same type of barbecue dinner that you would at a restaurant, then this is for you.

This electric grill has a slim & stylish design with high power of (11, 500 BTU)and an automatic piezo-electric ignition system. The neat grill pan is dishwasher-safe!

2: Techwood Indoor Electric Korean BBQ Grill

VIA- Amazon

Specifications and Features:

  • Dimensions LxWxH: 19.1 x 5.2 x 9.2 inches
  • Item Weight: 7.4 Pounds
  • Finish Type: Non-Stick

This indoor electric grill is a versatile option that works well as a teppanyaki grill. Its design makes it a valued pick.

The innovative Techwood Raclette Table Grill is a must-have for your kitchen and one of the best teppanyaki grills. It’s a fully portable grill that can be used on any tabletop.

This electric grill has a non-stick grill plate that can be removed and used on any surface. With the Techwood Groovy Raclette Table Grill, you’ll get an instant upgrade from your ordinary electric indoor grills.

This Electric grill comes with a 2-in-1 removable grill plate that has a grooved and flat surface. With the grooved side, you can grill desired food.

A flat surface allows you to make delicious meals like crepes, pancakes, and eggs. & more. It also makes clean-up easy and speeds up cooking time. Its 2 in 1 functionality removes the need and hassle for another device

The Techwood Table Grill is the perfect gift for friends and family, or just yourself!

The product is designed with a unique functional design. It has a compact design with sleek ergonomic handles, easy to clean non-stick surface.

Ideal raclette grills have large non-stick plates that you can load up on some delicious food for a party or family gathering. With 1500 watts of power it’s as easy as melting cheese as cooking meats, veggies, and sauce on the side.

You can cook a variety of sides and sauces on the indoor electric grill that has 8 individual grill pans.

3: IWATANI Smokeless Grill

VIA- Amazon

Specifications and Features:

  • Dimensions LxWxH: 11.93 x 10.94 x 5.87 inches
  • Weight1 Kilograms
  • Material: Aluminum, Alloy Steel

IWATANI is a smokeless Japanese barbecue grill that can be used in various ways. It has a built-in thermometer, grilling plates, and a gas burner.

This smokeless indoor electric grill is made with powder-coated steel and an aluminum die-cast base. Its base has a continuous burning time of four hours and uses Butane as fuel. When you’re done, just turn it off. Take out the butane to recap and safely store.

Grill has a drip pan and grill top that pull off easily so you can wash them in the sink and then wipe down the rest of the little grill.

4: SEAAN Electric Hot Pot Indoor Korean BBQ Grill

VIA- Amazon

Specifications and Features:

  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 24 x 14 x 6 inches
  • Item Weight: 12.57 Pounds

If you’re the type of person to cook delicious food from around the world, then you definitely need a SEAN indoor electric grill with Hot Pot. Not only will it save time & effort, but it also provides you with a level of quality that is very accessible to anyone who loves to cook.

This teppanyaki grill is a 2-in1 function device with an indoor bbq grill suitable for steaks, vegetables, shellfish, pasta, and a hotpot that makes it easier to cook multiple types of food.

Both hot pot and bbq grill have independent temperature control, with 5-speed temperature adjustment. This electric grill will automatically adjust the temperature when it’s too high.

Made from cast aluminum, the body is very sturdy and allows for efficient cooking without sticking food. This Korean BBQ grill also uses less oil while cooking yet is still great for healthy cooking.

There is a grease container that collects excess oil, and it’s easy to clean up afterward. e. With a cooking surface that heats quickly, it is easier to grill, fry, roast, boil, stew, and cook with this pizza oven.

5: Liven Electric Indoor Teppanyaki Grill


Specifications and Features:

  • Product Weight: 2.2kg
  • Material: Cast aluminum alloy non-stick coating

Liven Electric Grill With Hot Pot is a multifunctional, Indoor smart teppanyaki grill that can cook food faster and safer. For this reason, it has received great reviews from users online and is the best choice as an indoor grill for Korean BBQ.

The electric grill features Shabu Shabu hot pot and grill. This allows you to cook all kinds of food for yourself and your friends in an innovative way.

Hotpot has a divider for two tastes of hot pot. With this indoor electric grill, you get to combine your favorite cuisine of barbecue and hot pot at once, with each dish having its own divider.

This electric grill is thick and reliable because both the hotpot and grill plate are made up of Cast aluminum alloy material with a non-stick coating, which is safe for use while also providing the necessary durability to disperse heat evenly.

The pot capacity is 3.6 liters and the product works both as a grill or hot pot so that you can use it accordingly.

The 5-Speed Fire Adjustment of the Slow Cooker will automatically adjust according to different ingredients and different tastes, which means you can make vegan tofu bolognese on one day and slow-cooked ribs on another

It has a transparent lid, made of tempered glass, which is best for viewing ingredients and cooking time. This is perfect for cooking and making sure the food doesn’t burn.

Stainless Steel Vents are engineered to maintain pressure balance in the pan to prevent food spillage. With this indoor grill for Korean BBQ, you can turn your home into an impromptu restaurant!

6. Costzon Electric Teppanyaki Table Top Grill

VIA- Amazon

Specifications and Features:

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 35 x 9 x 4.4 inches
  • Item Weight: 6.6 Pounds

If you host Korean BBQ nights for family & friends on a frequent basis, then the Costzon Electric Teppanyaki Table Top Grill could be worth your consideration.

This is great for family cooking, indoor BBQs, dinner parties, self-catering, or camping/caravanning holidays. The design is portable and fits on the go easily.

A sturdy, spacious 35″ by 9″ size is best for hosting parties or meals with delicious food!

The cooking surface is made from a non-stick composite that allows for a minimum quantity of oil to be used and thus provides a healthier option.

With the brand-new product, you’ll get a set of accessories that is a must in a chef’s kitchen. The wood spatulas and the egg rings will help with your cooking experience and entertain guests.

The electric grill has insulated handles that allow you to easily move around without risking burning or damaging your hands. If you are looking for a unique tabletop grilling experience, a teppanyaki table is an excellent place to start.

This teppanyaki tabletop electric grill is equipped with 4 anti-slip feet, which will ensure that your grill doesn’t move or damage any surface.

People are often impressed by the ability to grill food for up to 8 people at once. This electric grill is really helpful, as you can heat and cook food with ease – taking just 10 minutes.

7. Cusimax Raclette Grill


Features and Specifications:

Item Dimensions LxWxH: 7.36 x 20.47 x 11.22 inches

Finish Type: Non-Stick

The CUSIMAX teppan grill is the perfect item for the modern and versatile kitchen. This is because it can be used as a BBQ and as a grill table. This is not only useful but also helps to serve guests with different needs.

The electric grill Table features a reversible non-stick surface that allows you to grill on one side or use it as a BBQ, or both at once! The high-quality stainless steel gives the unit an elegant look with reliable performance. The CUSIMAX has a 1500-watt powerful heating element that provides even heat distribution and quick cooking speeds.

This indoor electric grill has 8 Independent heat-resistant Raclette trays, and you can prepare dishes for 8 persons at the same time.

Wrap Up: Best Teppanyaki Grill

It is crucial to make sure that you are choosing the right teppanyaki grill as it needs to provide the necessary features according to your specific needs. The best option is to know what type of grill you need and then take a look at what we have recommended.

With these suggestions, you should be able to narrow down your options quite easily.


What can you cook on a teppanyaki grill?

A Teppanyaki grill is a type of stove that is typically used to cook Japanese cuisine, such as:
stir-fried vegetables
grilled meats (such as chicken, beef, and seafood)
fried rice and noodles
okonomiyaki (a type of Japanese pancake)
It can also cook other dishes such as steaks, seafood, chicken, and vegetables.

Is Korean BBq healthy?

Korean dishes are famous for featuring meat and vegetables in a balanced way. They are also considered being one of the healthiest cuisines in the world, which is not surprising considering the low rates of obesity.
In Korean BBQ, meat is usually leaner and considered healthier. Unlike other BBQ cuisines with large chunks of fat, Koreans stick with lean cuts of chicken & beef.

What is a raclette grill?

Traditionally, “raclette” is a type of burnt cheddar cheese served with vegetables. Raclette is a popular and traditional cooking device of Swiss origin.
The top of the Raclette grill has a cooking surface where you can grill meat, seafood, vegetables, and more.
There are also separate cooking dishes below that will allow you to prepare your favorite dishes like melting cheese or heating sauces.

What is a shabu shabu vs a hot pot?

Shabu-shabu is a Japanese hot pot dish typically made with thin slices of thinly seared beef cooked in boiling water, sometimes with vegetables.
Shabu-shabu is the Japanese translation of “swish-swish.” It refers to a stirring sound when cooking. Shabu pot is made of stainless steel and you can trust it to last a long time.

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