How to Clean Blackstone Griddle After Cooking (5- Steps)

One question we get asked often: How to clean Blackstone griddle after cooking?

Blackstone is one of the most established brands for flat-top grills, that comes with a steel cooking surface made out of iron and carbon.

For a heavy and expensive grill such as a Blackstone griddle, it’s essential to know how to clean it properly.

Everything You Need to Know About Blackstone Griddle: A Complete Guide

Cleaning a Blackstone after cooking is not an easy task. You have burned food, grease, and sticky residue all over your griddle.

How to Clean Blackstone Griddle After Cooking
How to Clean Blackstone Griddle

Steel griddles are just like other steel cookware, they’ll rust unless they’re cleaned properly and kept well-maintained.

Fortunately, the same process you’d use for cast iron can also season your griddle so that regular upkeep isn’t a huge hassle. It will take some time and effort to keep it clean. If you are not careful, you might end up damaging the surface of the griddle.

It’s essential to clean your griddle after cooking to avoid food residue buildup. That’s why we created this guide to help you in the cleaning process. Here are the steps on how to clean a Blackstone griddle after use.

How to Clean Blackstone Griddle After Cooking

Once you have finished cooking on your griddle, what do you do next? Switch off all the burners, then turn off the gas tap on the propane tank.

The best way to clean the Blackstone griddle after cooking is to start cleaning it as soon as possible after use while it is still hot.

Wiping the griddle clean while it is still hot will help prevent any grease and food particles from cooling down and getting stuck. This prevents them from building up on the surface of the griddle, which can result in a dirty, sticky mess.

My preference is to keep the Blackstone grill at low heat after cooking and start cleaning while it is still hot. That’s because cleaning the griddle while it is hot makes it easier to remove stubborn greasy and sticky spots.

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To clean a Blackstone griddle you need the right tools. This is why it’s important to invest in the right cleaning supplies when maintaining a Blackstone griddle. I can’t stress this enough! Luckily, if you have the right tools available, cleaning a flat top grill should be no problem.

Tools for Cleaning Blackstone Griddle or Flat Top Grill After Cooking

To clean the Blackstone griddle after use, you need the below tools.

  • Grill scraper or dough scraper
  • Some paper towels or old kitchen towels
  • Water
  • Cooking oil or Blackstone Seasoning & Cast Iron Conditioner or Blackstone Non-Stick Cooking Spray are recommended.

Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning Your Blackstone Griddle After Cooking

1. Turn your Griddle to low.

As you cook your pancakes, bacon, sausages, or eggs on the griddle, you’ll notice that there is some food and debris left on the surface. One way to remove this is to turn the heat down and let it cool off. Don’t completely turn it off as doing so will result in the food sticking to the surface.

Thus, turn the griddle burner on low. This heat is needed to remove some of the food and debris from the surface.

2. Remove all the food residue on the Griddle surface by scraping with a spatula or scraper.

Now, to start cleaning your Blackstone griddle after cooking you need to scrape down everything from the griddle.

You can use any metal scraper but I’m using a dough scraper with a long handle. It will help prevent any burns since the griddle is still very hot! You could also try using heat-resistant gloves to avoid burning your hands.

Gently move the metal spatula back and forth to remove unwanted food particles from the surface. There may be tough spots like bbq sauce that have sugar in them which causes it to stick. Scrape until they’re gone. If you happen to notice them again you need to keep scraping.

When scrapping the surface of your griddle, be gentle and slow. Moving the metal spatula or scraper too quickly will damage the surface of the griddle.

3. Squirt down some water

After scraping off the food particles, collect them with a paper towel and put them in the collection tray.

Next, you’ll pour some water using a squirt bottle on the griddle surface.

With a dough scraper, move the water around the griddle so that it covers all the griddle surfaces.

Remember, when you put this water it turns into steam because the griddle is hot. For example, liquid droplets on the top of the grill can create a “hot spot” which can cause serious burns to a person who happens to touch it.

Be extra vigilant during this step. You should always use your big long-handled scraper or gloves to be safe.

4. Scrape it off again.

After you pour the water on the griddle surface, scrape it off again. The water will boil and turn into steam and will help loosen up any stubborn stains or food residue.

This step is great for removing grease from a griddle. It loosens up any hard food that sometimes can’t even be removed with the help of a spatula.

If your griddle is really dirty, 2 or 3 more coats of water should do the trick. Scrape the surface then wipe and repeat the step.

5. Wipe it down using paper towels or an old kitchen towel.

After this, you need to wipe down the griddle with some paper towels. Now place folded paper towels on the wet spot press down firmly with a spatula and move back and forth to wipe the surface.

Wipe off all the water or any of the oil that you see on the griddle surface. Be sure to dry your flat top grill corners and sides as best you can because water can seep into any cracks and crevices of the flat top grill, causing rust or corrosion.

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6. Apply a thin coat of oil.

Now apply a thin layer of a cast iron conditioner or Non-Stick Cooking Spray to prevent rusting of metal surfaces and to provide non-stick properties for next time use. You don’t have to use any expensive, fancy stuff. A more affordable option like canola or vegetable oil easily does the trick.

Put down a little bit of oil or conditioner on the griddle surface, grab a paper towel, and then spread it all the way around on the griddle. You just want to have a thin layer without caking the griddle surface with oil.

This is another reason that your griddle should be hot because it will help oil or cooking spray to spread really easily and even.

To prevent rust on your grill, make sure to coat it all the way around it. Add a thin coat on the sides as well since they too can rust.

Now put in those hamburgers and cook up some delicious smash burgers.

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7. Turn off your griddle and the gas tank

Now you can turn off your griddle and the gas tank. Store your flat top griddle in a proper place between grilling sessions. The whole process is quick, taking about 10-15 minutes max.

What NOT To Do When Cleaning Your Blackstone Griddle

It is important to know what not to do when cleaning your griddle. It’s not just about cleaning it, but also about keeping it clean.

It’s important to take care of your griddle in order to make sure it lasts a long time. If you want it to be handed down through the generations, make sure you follow these tips in order to give yourself the best chance at a smooth cook!

Below are some of the common mistakes that people make when cleaning their griddle.

-Do not use dish soap or any other harsh chemicals on the surface of the griddle.

Some people are wary of the idea that using soap might damage the seasoning on their griddle.

But the truth is, we don’t recommend it for any cooking.. However, it doesn’t matter if you want to clean your griddle because warm water is more than enough. If you had already used your griddle before, then just use water instead of soap!

Do not scrub the surface of the griddle with a scouring pad or steel wool.

One of the most common mistakes people make is using a steel wool pad or any other abrasive material on the griddle. This will scratch the surface and make it less non-stick in the future.

-Do not use any abrasive cleaners, such as oven cleaner, detergents, or bleach, on the surface of a Blackstone grill.

Using these products will ruin your seasoning layer, not to mention the foul taste it can leave on your griddle. Use a sponge and water to remove any messes.

Conclusion: How to Clean a Blackstone Griddle After Cooking and Keep it Looking Like New

It’s important to take good care of your Blackstone griddle when you’re cooking. Not only does it help to maintain your griddle and make it more efficient, but it will also make delicious food.

Those 7 steps should help you if you looking best way to clean Blackstone griddle after cooking. They’re extremely straightforward and should not take up much of your time.

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