6 Easy Steps For Blackstone Regulator Reset

What could be more disappointing than knowing that the food you were preparing for your friends and family at your Blackstone Griddle is not going to cook well?

Blackstone Regulator reset
Reser Blackstone regulator

Your propane tank is full, but the griddle temperature does not exceed 250 degrees. Make sure you check your Blackstone regulator before you toss out everything. We can solve most of the Blackstone regulator problems by just doing a simple Blackstone regulator reset.

You probably want to know “how to reset Blackstone regulator?” Let’s go straight to the article to further discuss Blackstone regulator problems and their solutions.

You might also find our guide on 15 common Blackstone problems and their solutions quite helpful and informative.

Blackstone Griddle Regulator- How Does a Regulator Work?

A propane tank regulator plays a vital role in regulating the flow of propane gas from the tank to the grill.

Propane gas stored in a tank is typically at a high pressure, which is not suitable for most household appliances. The regulator’s primary function is to reduce this high-pressure propane to a safe and usable pressure.

When the Blackstone regulator is not working properly, there can be many problems, such as low pressure and low flame, Blackstone not getting hot enough, disbalance of flames, and loud noises from the burner.

Why is Blackstone Griddle Not Getting Hot?

Being a key accessory for a griddle, it is important that your regulator must work accurately to get the proper temperature you need for cooking.

A propane tank regulator regulates the flow of gas and include safety features to prevent excessive gas flow or pressure.

For example, if there is a sudden increase in pressure due to a gas leak or other issue, the regulator may have a built-in safety mechanism (like the “bypass”) that reduces or shuts off gas flow to prevent a dangerous situation.

The bypass can become locked due to a gas leak or if the incorrect ignition sequence is employed.

Correct Ignition Sequence For Blackstone Griddle

1. In the first step, turn on your propane tank.
2. Now, you can turn the blackstone griddle burners on.
3. Ignite.

If you turn on the griddle burner before you turn on the propane, it will cause gas leaks and the bypass will trigger.

How much your propane tank weigh?

So, to keep it pain-free, you need to be sure to turn off all burners before turning on the propane.

Is My Propane Regulator Working Properly?

Wondering Why Blackstone grill not getting gas? Many users initially do not understand why the grill is not getting hot. It is essential to underline the main problem. One of the things that pops up in mind is the propane regulator.

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Let’s figure out some of the factors that indicate a problematic propane regulator.


If your regulator works perfectly fine, it will release a blue flame around the burner equal to its height.

Similarly, you will not find any trouble in adjusting it. The flame will be smooth with a slight hissing sound.

If the gas regulator has issues, you may notice slow orange and yellow flames, low-pressure flames, disruption in gas release, imbalanced flames, a rusted burner, and disturbing noises in the ignition.


Blackstone griddle users have often complained mainly about flame and temperature issues. It is due to the low pressure of gas that results in slow flames.

It usually happens when you have a tenacious regulator which often disrupts the gas pressure and makes the flame slow, affecting the overall heating system of the grill.

This issue can be resolved by releasing the gas pressure and doing Blackstone regulator reset.


You need to turn off the gas, open the burner, and disconnect the gas hose. Then turn all the burners to high-level heat for a couple of minutes.

Then turn off the bypass, attach the gas hose, gradually turn on the gas tank, and light your grill as normal.

Keep in mind to turn off the burners first and then the gas tank. Moreover, monitor that the lid of the grill is open to check for any vapors releasing from the burners. It is advisable not to get closer to the lid to stay away from dangerous vapors.


It is also possible that you may have the propane tank full but there is an inconvenience in gas transmission to the griddle. Check out if there is any gas leakage. In this way, it will not produce enough heat and will end up ruining your mood.

It is one of the most dangerous problems with the regulator. You may be able to smell gas but it is hazardous. A non-functioning regulator, an unsteady connection, or a split in the regulator can cause gas leakage.


You need to turn off the bypass valve and all the other knobs, then detach the hose from the propane tank.

Now attach the hose to the propane tank and wait for a few minutes. Turn on the valve and apply some foamy water to all the connections of the burner and propane tank, including the regulator.

If you find bubbles, it indicates gas leakage. If there is a leakage of gas, you need to change the regulator, and if not, then use the griddle regularly.

Do not forget to turn off all the gas knobs before you test the gas. If you do not notice any gas leakage, you should release the regulator’s pressure.


If the burners of your griddle are rusted or dirty, it is possible that they become an obstacle in passing high flames.

Sometimes, the rusted burners do not release the proper gas pressure which results in low flames and low heat. It can also cause yellow or orange flame from the burner.


The solution to a rusted or dirty burner is very simple- clean, but how? First, you need to make sure that your griddle is off that, including all the knobs.

Keeping the safety precautions in mind, you should also turn off the propane tank valve. Now detach the heavy griddle top and use a screwdriver to remove the heating component to reach the burner tubes.

The tubes are usually attached to the ignitor and both sides of the griddle. Remove the tubes and check if you notice any blockage.

You might see some particles that can disrupt the gas flow. Remove all the particles from the burner tubes and check the flow of the gas.


Over time, regulators can wear out or malfunction, leading to decreased gas flow and poor griddle operation.


Simply replace the regulator and make sure to use the correct replacement regulator specified by the manufacturer to maintain safety and proper griddle operation.

After replacing the regulator, conduct a gas leak test to ensure there are no leaks, and test the griddle to ensure it’s operating correctly.


In cold weather, the regulator can freeze, obstructing the gas flow and causing griddle performance issues.

Regulator freezing can also occur because of humidity. The process involves the incredibly cold vapors inside the regulator leading to condensation buildup. When you crank up your griddle to high heat, the interaction between this humidity and the cold gas line in the regulator can cause freezing.

While some freezing inside a regulator is normal, there are instances where it may occur due to other factors, such as an overfilled propane tank or an improperly positioned tank.


If you suspect freezing remove the hose and exchange it to resolve the issue.

However, if the gas hose appears to be functioning correctly and freezing persists, it could indicate a faulty regulator that may need replacement for optimal griddle operation.


The regulator’s safety bypass can lock into position due to a gas leak or incorrect ignition sequences, preventing proper gas flow.


If the bypass is activated due to incorrect ignition sequences, make sure to follow the correct sequence when lighting your griddle. Typically, the correct order is as follows:

  • Turn on the propane tank’s valve.
  • Turn on the appliance’s burner control knob.
  • Ignite the burner.


Many Blackstone griddle regulator issues can be solved by resetting the regulator. Beware, you must follow some safety precautions when it comes to the Blackstone regulator reset. Propane is highly combustible. If you do not take proper measures in handling, it can cause a fire.

Follow the seven steps mentioned below to reset Blackstone griddle regulator.

1. Turn off the gas at the tank and all the burners of your Blackstone griddle.

2. Now, open the lid of your grill.

3. Detach the hose from the gas tank. A light hissing sound will appear.

4. Now, wait for at least half a minute to let the regulator reset.

5. Now, carefully attach the hose to the gas tank and tighten it slowly.

6. Gradually open the valve, turning half at a time. Make sure that the gas does not gush at once otherwise, it will shuffle the safe mode from the start.

7. Follow the instructional booklet from the company to light the burners one at a time.

When should the Blackstone Griddle Regulator Reset be performed?

1. There seems to be no gas on the burner and it will not light with igniter or match.

2. Your Blackstone griddle is not getting hot enough

3.In consistant flame pattern


You can also try to upgrade your Blackstone regulator. Below, you’ll find a number of things you can do to fix your regulator. These upgrades will help resolve the issues you’re facing and ensure that your regulator is performing at its best.

  • Sometimes the piston does not seal properly, resulting in leakage of air. An updated piston kit can solve this issue.
  • An updated mainspring can fix the problem of a weak mainspring that does not provide adequate pressure.
  • An updated exhaust valve can fix the problem of the exhaust valve getting stuck, resulting in the release of carbon dioxide.
  • An updated solenoid coil can fix the problem of improper functioning of the solenoid coil that causes the untimely shut-off of the regulator.

Things to Remember

There are a few tips that every user of Blackstone Griddle must keep in mind. These tips can allow you to use your griddle for a long time.

  • The above-mentioned problems and the solutions provided to it can be time-consuming and hectic for some people. It is advisable to hire someone to assist you.
  • Many people are afraid of working near gas or mending gas issues all by themselves. If this is the case with you, you can get help from local professionals and repairers in your area.
  • Blackstone griddles are durable and can last for many years. The only thing that keeps it running is good maintenance.
  • You need to keep it clean to see it working for many years. Always clean your griddle when it gets cool after use.
  • Always use a scraper or a metal spatula to clear out the remaining food particles from the surface of the griddle. 
  • Sometimes these particles are stuck on the lower surface of the griddle and in the burner. Make sure you clean the burner tubes according to the instructions in the company’s product booklet.
  • You can rinse the griddle with water and pat dry it with a paper towel or a piece of cloth. 
  • Lastly, apply some oil to your griddle to keep it from getting rusted. It increases the life of the griddle. 

Word from Users to Reset Blackstone Regulator

Blackstone users have shared their experiences on how they have encountered issues with the griddle regulator and how they tackled it. Following are some useful words from the users of Blackstone Griddle.

—If your Blackstone griddle does not produce enough heat, check the burners. If you find low heat pressure from any of the burners, then the first step should be resetting the regulator.

—If you can hear the hissing sound of the gas from the propane tank but it does not reach the burners, disconnect the tank and turn on the burners. After a while turn off all the burners and connect the tank. You may now get the proper heat and gas pressure in the burners.

—Another way to get the proper heat at your griddle is to slowly turn on the gas tank to let the propane reach the burners. Turning it on at once can disrupt the gas pressure.

Final Thought: How to Reset Blackstone Regulator

The Blackstone regulator may face a few problems now and then. Nevertheless, you already have a solution to any of the problems that might occur. Once you notice any problem, do not waste time and underline the solution at your earliest. 

Most of the issues discussed above only need a regulator to reset or careful cleaning of the equipment of the griddle. If resetting the regulator is not an option, then replacing or upgrading the regulator can work.

However, the most important part is to keep all the safety precautions in hand when you work independently with your Blackstone regulator reset. After all, it’s you who will enjoy the barbeque. 


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