Addressing 15 Common Blackstone Griddle Problems & Troubleshooting

Do you enjoy using a griddle but become tired of frequent Blackstone griddle problems like inconsistent heating, warping, rusting, and food sticking? You are at the right place.

Blackstone griddle problems
Blackstone griddle troubleshooting

The Blackstone griddle is popular for outdoor cooking, but even the best griddles can have issues.

It’s important to know how to tackle these Blackstone grill problems and keep your griddle in top condition.

We’ll dive into the most common Blackstone griddle problems and provide practical solutions to solve them.

So prevent any grilling disaster by following our comprehensive Blackstone Griddle troubleshooting guide!


If you’ve used a Blackstone griddle, you know just how versatile and convenient it is. But it’s not unusual to encounter some issues from time to time.

Discover the solutions to your Blackstone problems with our list of 15 common issues and helpful Blackstone grill troubleshooting tips below!

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1- Blackstone Griddle Assembly Problems

Assembly problems with Blackstone griddles can be frustrating, but they are not uncommon with complex appliances. Here are some common assembly issues and tips on how to address them:

  1. Missing Parts: Ensure that you have received all the necessary components listed in the assembly manual. Contact Blackstone customer support if any parts are missing.
  2. Incomplete Instructions: Sometimes, assembly instructions may be unclear or incomplete. Double-check the manual and consider watching online video tutorials or seeking assistance from other Blackstone griddle owners on forums or social media.
  3. Alignment Issues: If the griddle top or burners don’t align properly with the base, review the instructions carefully, and check for any missed steps. It may require disassembling and reassembling the unit to correct alignment problems.
  4. Tightening Screws: Make sure that all screws and bolts are tightened securely but not over-tightened, as this can cause damage. An adjustable wrench or socket set can help with this.
  5. Use of Lubrication: If certain parts are difficult to connect, consider using a food-safe lubricant, such as cooking oil, to ease the assembly process.
  6. Seek Professional Help: If you find the assembly too challenging, consider seeking assistance from a professional handyman or technician who is experienced with griddle assembly.
  7. Online Resources: Utilize online resources, such as assembly videos and forums, to get tips and guidance from other Blackstone griddle owners who may have encountered similar assembly problems.
  8. Patience: Take your time during the assembly process, and don’t rush. It’s better to assemble the griddle correctly the first time to avoid having to disassemble and reassemble it later.

2- Griddle Isn’t Getting Hot

This is one of the most frequent Blackstone griddle problems.

Owners of Blackstone Griddles frequently complain that their griddles won’t get hot enough.

This can result in undercooked food and longer cooking times. There are a number of potential reasons for this.

– Blackstone Griddle Burner Problems: Firstly, it could be due to blocked burners.

Over time, grease, food particles, and poor maintenance might accumulate and clog the burners, decreasing their effectiveness.

Insect infestations like spiders, beetles, and other insects can create webs or nests in the burners and may clog them.

To open a clogged burner on a Blackstone Griddle, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off the griddle and let it cool completely.
  2. Remove the grates from the griddle.
  3. Use a soft brush or cloth to clean any grease or food particles from the burners and surrounding areas.
  4. Check for any visible obstructions in the burners, such as spider webs or debris.
  5. If there are still obstructions in the burners, use a needle or small brush to remove them.
  6. Reassemble the griddle and test the burners to ensure they are functioning properly.
  7. Repeat this process regularly to maintain the performance of your griddle and prevent clogs from reoccurring.

– Low fuel in Propane tank: Second, the propane tank might not have enough fuel. It’s crucial to check the gas level in the tank and refill it as necessary.

– Blackstone Regulator Problems: Thirdly, there’s a chance that the regulator or hose, a line connecting the propane tank to the griddle is faulty or clogged. As a result, the gas flow may be restricted and the griddle may not heat up to its ideal temperature.

There can be a variety of issues when the Blackstone regulator isn’t functioning properly, like low pressure and low flame, Blackstone not heating up sufficiently, unbalanced flames, and loud noises coming from the burner.

Many Blackstone griddle regulator issues can be solved by resetting the regulator. Check How to Reset Blackstone Regulator to follow step-by-step instructions.

Fourth, it’s possible that the burners themselves are defective and need to be replaced.

Finally, the griddle may not be level, which can affect its ability to heat evenly.

Reasons: Blackstone Griddle Yellow Flame

3- Blackstone Griddle Uneven Heat

Uneven heat distribution in Blackstone griddles can occur for a number of reasons, such as clogged burners, an uneven griddle surface, or defective burners or regulators.

Due to this Blackstone griddle problem, the griddle may get unevenly heated in some areas, making it hard to cook food uniformly.

To prevent clogs, regularly clean the griddle’s surface and burners of any grease or food particles.

Make sure the griddle’s surface is level and flat by inspecting it. If it isn’t, you can level it by using metal washers, eye bolts, or gator tail.

Look at the burners carefully for any obvious damage, such as bent or broken parts, and replace them if necessary.

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4- Blackstone Griddle Warping or Buckling

A griddle top can warp due to several reasons, like exposure to high heat, uneven heat distribution, moisture, and incorrect storage.

To fix a warped griddle top: heat it to medium-high for 20-25 minutes, then remove it.

Now place it on a heat-resistant surface, hit the warped area with a mallet and a piece of wood until flattened, then stop when cooled.

Or you can place the griddle top on a flat surface. Apply pressure to the high and low spots to reshape it until it’s even.

To prevent future warping store it properly in a dry place, and cover it with a protective cover.


5- Blackstone Griddle Coating Coming Off

Blackstone Griddle flaking can be caused by:

1. Improper seasoning

Seasoning is applying a thin coating of oil or lubricant to the cooking surface of your Blackstone griddle and heating it.

Here is a list of Top 10 best oil for Blackstone.

As a result, the griddle’s non-stick qualities are improved and the chance of food sticking to the surface is reduced.

By seasoning the griddle, you can make sure that your food cooks consistently and that your griddle lasts for many years.

People frequently forget to season the griddle before using it, so make sure to clean it up after cooking and season it regularly.

2. The Grease Build-Up

Before cooking a new batch of food it is important to remove grease residues from the griddle, as with high heat they will harden and char.

This will cause grease buildup that is hard to remove and will damage the surface.

Second, the salt and phosphates that are commonly found in bacon fat can harm the seasoning layer. This grease layer must not be washed should not be washed with soap as it will break down the seasoning layer of the griddle.

Therefore, it’s important that you remove the accumulated oil and fat (preferably before you cook the second batch of food).

3. Poor maintenance

To maintain a Blackstone griddle, it is important to clean it after each use to prevent food from sticking and grease build up. Always store the griddle in dry place away from any moisture.

6- The Griddle Top is Rusting

Blackstone, Pit Boss, Camp Chef, and other outdoor griddles are high maintenance and need regular supervision to keep them from rusting.

If your griddle top is made of steel and has contact with water, oxygen products, or acidic ingredients like lemons or oranges, it could potentially form rust.

The good news is, your Blackstone griddle top is not ruined. We’ve never had a griddle top that couldn’t be salvaged from rust.

In order to remove or clean rust from a Blackstone griddle check How to Get Rust Off Blackstone?

To protect the griddle from rust and corrosion check How to Keep Outdoor Griddle from Rusting (6 Tips)

7- Mold on Blackstone Griddle

Mold on the griddle is usually formed when food and moisture accumulate on a griddle surface without being thoroughly cleaned and dried.

Grill covers, although have utility for leaky roofs, can be a great breeding ground for mold as well.

To remove mold from a Blackstone griddle first, heat the griddle to high heat for 10 to 15 minutes to kill the mold spores.

Check Mold on Blackstone Griddle (6 STEPS TO CLEAN MOLDY GRIDDLE) for step by step instructions.

Then, use a scraper to remove mold from the surface and clean with a solution of warm water and baking soda OR water or a mixture of vinegar in a 1:1 ratio. Now rinse thoroughly.

Always dry the griddle completely before storing it to prevent future mold.

8- Blackstone Griddle Sticky

The stickiness you notice on a new Blackstone griddle is just a chemical that the factory has applied as a protective covering.

Basically, it’s a wax-like inhibitor that is usually used by manufacturers for the products that need to be shipped.

They apply this protective barrier to protect the griddle from any kind of corrosion in the warehouse or during shipping.

If your griddle is sticky after seasoning it means that you have used too much oil. While seasoning it’s better to use several thin layers of oil rather than one thick layer of cooking oil.

9- Blackstone low flame

Your Blackstone griddle’s flame may be low due to clogged burners, low propane tank pressure, or incorrect regulator settings.

If burner and propane tank pressure is fine it may be because of regulator settings.

When the burners on your Blackstone are on high but the flame is low, you’ve probably tripped the regulator safety system.

This frequently happens when the burners are on and you open the propane tank valve because the quick surge of gas fools the regulator into believing there is a leak.

You need to reset the regulator. Check how to reset Blackstone regulator for step by step instructions.

10- Blackstone Griddle Won’t Light Difficulty in lighting the griddle

Imagine you are ready to cook on a griddle but it won’t light up. This can be a frustrating experience, especially if you’re eager to get cooking.

There are two main reasons for the Blackstone grill igniter not working or not sparking beside the propane tank valve, clogged burners, weather conditions, and burner control valves.

— Faulty piezo ignitor valve:

To light the gas on a Blackstone griddle, a piezo ignitor (an electrical device) valve produces an electrical spark.

The flat top grill may not light correctly if there is interference with this valve.

Here is a step-by-step solution to resolve the issue:

  1. Check the batteries: Make sure that the batteries in the piezo ignitor valve are functioning and have not run out of power.
  2. Clean the spark electrode: The spark electrode can become clogged with grease or debris, which can interfere with the spark. Clean it with a damp cloth wire brush.
  3. Check the spark gap: Make sure the spark gap is set to the correct distance for your griddle. The manufacturer’s instructions should have the correct specifications for this.
  4. Replace the piezo ignitor: If the above steps do not resolve the issue, the piezo ignitor may need to be replaced. This is best done by a professional or by contacting the manufacturer’s customer support.
  5. Use a backup ignition method: If the piezo ignitor is not functioning properly, you can try lighting the griddle with a long lighter or match. Hold the flame to the burners for a few seconds until the gas ignites.

— Wiring Issues:

Having trouble lighting a flat-top grill, especially a Blackstone griddle, might also be caused by wiring problems.

Sometimes during shipping or moving a wire might fall out of place, affecting the griddle heating process.

Here are a few things to consider if you are experiencing this issue:

Check the wire connections: Ensure that all of the wires are properly connected and tightened. Loose or disconnected wires can prevent the grill from lighting.

Inspect the wiring: Look for any signs of damage or fraying to the wiring. If you see any issues, have a professional repair or replace the wiring.

–Verify the power source: Make sure that the power source for the grill is working properly and is properly connected.

If you are using an electrical outlet, try plugging the grill into a different outlet to see if the issue is with the power source.

11- Loss of seasoning on the Griddle cooking surface

Another flat top grill problem,

Loss of seasoning on the cooking surface of a Blackstone griddle or other cast iron cookware can happen for several reasons:

–Excessive heat: If your flat top grill is not seasoned properly using high heat might make the seasoning crumble off.

–Abrasive cleaning: Using abrasive materials, such as steel wool or rough sponges, knives to clean the surface can remove the flat top seasoning.

–Moisture exposure: The seasoning can degrade if you expose the cooking surface to moisture, such as by leaving it outside in the rain or washing it with hot water.

After washing, always completely dry the cookware.

–Keeping food on the surface: Storing food on the cooking surface for extended periods of time can cause the seasoning to break down.

Make sure you use, store, and clean your Blackstone griddle appropriately to preserve the seasoning.

The griddle can be re-seasoned if the seasoning has worn off by heating it and adding a thin layer of oil or fat to the surface.

You can repeat this process several times to build up a good seasoning layer.

12- Grease Drainage Problems

One of the Blackstone problems is when you’re cooking a lot of greasy food on the flat top it’ll start coming down the grease channel and sometimes it will not flow right into the grease tray.

There are a couple of different ways to deal with this but the easiest way that I’ve found is just to grab a standard food or soda can.

Then just remove the actual drip tray so you just have a folder there and just position the can in there so that it goes all the way back to the edge of where the Blackstone griddle meets this grease channel.

It is just going to prevent all that grease from actually going back and down the griddle leg.

13- The Blackstone griddle Wobbles or is Unstable

Several factors can cause a Blackstone griddle to wobble or become unstable.

–Loose Bolts:

Over time, due to regular use bolts may become loose. To stop the griddle from wobbling, tighten any loose bolts.

–Damaged Legs:

The griddle may become unstable if one or more of its legs are bent or damaged.

–Uneven surface:

If the griddle is placed on an uneven surface, it may wobble. Make sure the griddle’s surface is level and flat by inspecting it.

If it isn’t, you can level it by using metal washers, eye bolts, or a gator tail.

14- No Grill mark on the Food

Other Blackstone grill problems: How to get sear or grill marks on a Blackstone grill?

We have an affordable solution for you!

Using grill grates, you can now get sear marks on the Blackstone griddle. Grill grates come with a raised rail design and thus leave fantastic grill marks on your food.

Check How to Get Grill Marks on Blackstone griddle (3 Best Grill Grates for Blackstone Griddle)

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