8 Tips On How to Keep Blackstone From Rusting

Marketplaces are filled with a number of options for outdoor and indoor grilling. We have come a long way from the simple cast iron griddle, which was extremely easy to clean and manage.

How to Keep Blackstone From Rusting
How to keep outdoor griddle from rusting

Blackstone, Pit Boss, Camp Chef, and other outdoor griddles are high maintenance and need regular supervision to keep them from rusting.

Are you wondering How to Keep Blackstone From Rusting?

Keeping your outdoor Griddles from rusting can be hard. To prevent your Blackstone griddle from rusting, keep it clean and seasoned. Clean it after each use, and apply a thin layer of oil. – Blackstone, Pitboss, and Campchef griddles should be maintained thoroughly after every use and you should always cover your new Blackstone griddle to avoid it from rusting.

In this article, we explore how to keep your Blackstone griddle in good condition. You’ll also find some useful tips on how to keep a Blackstone from rusting in the first place.

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How Rust Is Formed on Blackstone Griddle?

Rust, scientifically known as iron oxide, is a reddish-brown corrosion that forms on iron and steel when they come into contact with moisture and oxygen.

This chemical reaction, known as oxidation, is a natural process that deteriorates the metal’s surface over time.

The formation of rust occurs in several stages: First, the metal surface, in this case, the Blackstone griddle, is exposed to moisture or water, which acts as an electrolyte. Then, oxygen in the air reacts with the metal to form iron oxide, which is the reddish-brown rust.

This combination of moisture and oxygen sets off an electrochemical reaction, leading to the formation of iron oxide.

Iron oxide is a flaky, porous substance that forms on the metal surface, and over time, this corrosion can penetrate deeper, weakening the structure of the metal.

The Impact Of Rust On Cooking Surfaces

Rust can have a significant impact on the cooking surface of your Blackstone griddle, leading to several problems.

Firstly, a rusted surface can negatively affect the texture and taste of your food. Rust can flake off from the griddle into your food, giving it an unpleasant metallic taste and texture.

Secondly, rust interferes with the griddle’s ability to distribute heat evenly, leading to uneven cooking and sticking of food.

Lastly, rust is not safe for consumption, and it can be a health hazard if ingested. It’s essential to maintain a clean and rust-free griddle for safe cooking.

Common Causes Of Rust on Griddles

Several factors contribute to rust formation. Exposure to rain, humidity, or even high humidity storage conditions can introduce moisture to the griddle’s surface, promoting rust.

Seasoning creates a protective layer on the griddle’s surface. Without proper seasoning, the metal is more susceptible to rust.

Improper cleaning, such as using harsh chemicals or abrasive scrubbers, can damage the seasoning and expose the metal to rust.


Leaving food remnants on the griddle can trap moisture, accelerating rust formation. Storing the griddle uncovered and exposed to the elements increases the risk of rust, especially in humid or coastal environments.

How to Keep Blackstone From Rusting

If your griddle top is made of steel and has contact with water, products containing oxygen, or acidic ingredients like lemons or oranges, then it could potentially form rust.

The good news is, your Blackstone griddle top is not ruined. We’ve never had a griddle top that couldn’t be salvaged from rust.

Here is a detailed article on How to clean Blackstone griddle rust.

Seasoning is the first step towards a long-lasting, rust-free Blackstone griddle. All you have to do is coat a griddle surface with a thin layer of oil and turn it on high for at least 20 minutes. Then starts the cycle of burning and readying the griddle for its first sear. Repeat this five times.

When seasoning a griddle, coating the surface with oil creates a new polymer on the steel, which locks out the oxygen and water and can help extend the life of your flat top griddle.

Many users on Reddit share that onions are the best first cook for the Blackstone griddle. The charred, blackened top of your Blackstone is proof that it will prevent rust on Blackstone griddle.

8 Tips On How to Keep Your Blackstone From Rusting

We all know how fantastic these griddles are, but there’s one thing we don’t want on our flat tops – rust. Preventing it is easier than dealing with it later, so here are some valuable tips on How to keep your Blackstone rust-free and cooking like a champ.

how to keep my blackstone from rusting

Blackstone griddle cleaning kit is the first step towards a long-lasting Blackstone griddle.

1. Reseason Outdoor Griddle After Every Use

Your griddle deserves some post-cooking TLC. After each use, give it a light rubdown with a thin layer of high-quality cooking oil. Use paper towels to spread the oil. This reseasoning process acts as a protective shield, keeping rust at bay.

This reseasoning process acts as a protective shield and keeps rust from depositing on griddle surface.

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how do i keep my blackstone from rusting

2. Cover Your Blackstone Griddle

It’s simple – cover your grill, and don’t forget to do the same for your griddle. Humidity is rust’s best friend, so prevent it from getting too cozy with your Blackstone. An inexpensive PVC cover, which won’t break the bank, works wonders in shielding your griddle from rain and moisture.

3. Scrape and Clean Your Blackstone Regularly

Keeping things tidy is the name of the game. After your cooking is complete, don’t wait – scrape off those food remnants, clean it up with paper towels, reseason, and then protect it under a snug cover. This routine ensures you enjoy rust-free grilling every time.

4. Tent up your Blackstone Griddle

If you have space, consider keeping your Blackstone griddle in an indoor shed or shelter. For outdoor warriors, create a makeshift tent-like cover over your griddle.

This ingenious trick prevents moisture from pooling on your griddle during humid weather, keeping rust at bay. It is a great tip to lock moisture away from your Blackstone Griddle.

5. Flip your Blackstone Griddle after using

For those with a compact griddle, here’s a nifty tip – flip the griddle top upside down after each cooking session. This practice helps prevent rust and ensures your Blackstone griddle remains in pristine condition.

6. Frequently Cook With Your Blackstone Griddle

Remember, Blackstone griddles get better with age. A well-loved griddle with its seasoned top isn’t a sign of wear and tear but a testament to delicious meals.

So, fire it up often and enjoy the longevity of your trusty griddle. More cooking means less rust, and that’s a win-win!

7. Use a Grill Mat

Placing a grill mat under your griddle is another layer of defense. These mats are designed to protect your griddle from moisture and any debris that may collect beneath it.

8. Use Food-Grade Stainless Steel Cleaner

For stubborn spots or when giving your griddle a deep clean, opt for a food-grade stainless steel cleaner. It’s effective at removing grime and ensuring your griddle remains rusty.

Rust Removal Methods for Blackstone Griddle Restoration

On those occasions, when rust finds its way on your beloved griddle, follow the below-mentioned rust removal methods to restore the Blackstone griddle.

1. Efficiently Remove Corrosion from Blackstone Griddle

Remember to wear your heat-resistant gloves, heat up the griddle to medium heat, and let it heat up for 20 minutes so any rust and residue loosens up.

Turn off the heat and let the Blackstone cool down. Get your wide metal scrapper and scrape off the loose food residue left behind from your last cooking. Get the cooking oil of your choice and put a thin layer on the griddle’s surface, then scrub it off with a handy steel wool surface cleaner.

Wipe off the remaining residue or leftover cleaner with paper towels. If you are facing a rust-caked Blackstone griddle, then repeat the above-mentioned steps until all signs of corrosion are removed and you find a charred and clean Blackstone griddle surface.

2. Pressure wash the rust away

Pressure washing is an efficient and ergonomic way to clean your grill as well. It’s easier, effective, and cleans even the hard-to-get nooks and crannies of your griddle. Instead of scrubbing for an hour, a pressure wash may clean your Blackstone within 15 minutes.

This is best suited when there is mold on the Blackstone griddle. However, it is a dirty task as dirt and grease may fly all over your garage or patio. Also, gas burners may be negatively affected by this method if they remain uncovered.

3. Pumice Stone Grill Brick Scraper:

Blackstone users also swear by the affordable and abrasive properties of pumice stone grill brick to remove rust from Blackstone griddles. It is an economical alternative but should be used when the Blackstone needs a thorough scrubbing due to high rust build-up.

They do not create a lot of mess and are environmentally friendly as well. Pumice stone is very efficient in cleaning carbon and rust build ups on a Blackstone griddle.

Heavy scrubbing and reseasoning are the final bet to save a heavily rusted griddle and bring it to its former glory for a tasty and easy grilling experience with a rust-free Blackstone griddle.

Best Blackstone Griddle Cleaning Kit:

A brand-new Blackstone griddle usually comes along with a Blackstone griddle cleaning kit. You can also buy one off of Amazon which has various Blackstone cleaning tool options.

1. A metal griddle scraper

A stainless-steel metal scraper is the best option for removing Blackstone debris. The 5-inch-wide blade and a slip resistant grip helps in scraping off a wider area on your griddle without it slipping from your hands. The stainless-steel material is durable as well as easier to clean in any dishwasher.

2. Cooking oil

Although a Blackstone griddle usually comes along with its own seasoning and conditioner, any vegetable oil, shortening, olive, or canola oil can be used for seasoning purposes. Many users swear by avocado oil for a Blackstone griddle’s first seasoning but flaxseed oil is another option that many grill users find convenient.

3. Paper towels

Although using rags and microfiber cloths are as good as paper towels for cleaning down Blackstone griddle grease, however, the former is difficult to manage afterward while the latter can be easily replaced with a new paper towel ring.

4. Heat-resistant gloves

Heatproof gloves are a safe companion while cleaning your Blackstone. The silicone ones are the best to avoid getting scalded and are equipped with textured material to offer a non-slip grip while cooking and cleaning the Blackstone griddle rust.

Wrap Up: How to Prevent Blackstone From Rusting

A Blackstone grill is a great investment for your next big family barbecue, cookout, or tailgate. The only issue is that these grills are expensive and can quickly become rusty.

Heavy scrubbing and reseasoning are the final bet to save and restore a heavily rusted griddle and bring it to its former glory for a tasty and easy grilling experience with a rust free Blackstone griddle.

We hope that this article has helped you on how to prevent rust on Blackstone griddle.

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