10 Expert Blackstone Hacks For Beginners!

Are you new to the world of Blackstone griddle cooking? Seeking for griddle hack to improve your cooking experience? We’ve got you covered for these issues!

blackstone hacks
Blackstone Tips and Tricks

If you have a griddle, you need to know some essential Blackstone tips and tricks to make your cooking more accessible and convenient.

Whether you’re a pro chef or someone new to cooking, we’ve got some fantastic Blackstone cooking tips to make this journey fun. 

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10 Genius Blackstone Hacks

Blackstone griddle is used for various cooking purposes, i.e., to steam vegetables or chicken, to cook pancakes or eggs, and many more.

No matter what you want to cook on the griddle, remember that you always need some tips to ease your griddle cooking.

We have summarized some incredible Blackstone grill tips and tricks to ease your cooking experience. Read on to know more!

1. Prep The Ingredients Before Starting 

The best and foremost Blackstone hack is to have every ingredient ready before cooking. Also, place all the tools, including spatulas, scraper, and others, before you start cooking on the griddle.

Blackstone griddle cooks food quickly; thus, you should keep all ingredients chopped or ready beside you.

This trick will save your food from burning and will reduce mess.  

If you’re cooking on a flat top grill, you might need several tools to hold and flip your food; similarly, you’ll need various ingredients.

So, Prep all the ingredients, i.e., chop vegetables and place the oil bottle and other tools within your arm’s reach.

This griddle hack will reduce your headache of rushing the whole kitchen for ingredients, resulting in great food. 

2. Use a Griddle Prep Cart or Caddy for Storage

You’ll need various food and cooking tools to use on a Blackstone griddle. Some tools include spatulas, oil bottles, squirt bottles, paper towels, digital meat thermometers, and many others.

But how to store them beside the griddle for hassle-free cooking?

The simple solution is to use a storage prep cart or griddle caddy to organize all these essentials. Save both your time and effort!


Blackstone griddle caddy or storage cart can hold a variety of tools. This way, you’ll get an adequate cooking space and an empty shelf for serving trays.

Experience a professional cooking experience by organizing all your stuff in one place. 

Reminder: Blackstone shelves get extremely hot while cooking, and thus you can’t place anything on them. A portable griddle caddy helps you with this purpose!

3. Avoid a Quick Opening of the Propane Tank Valve.

Are you facing any trouble regarding the flame of the griddle?

Is it low or not more powerful? These are some common questions while using the Blackstone griddle. The simple solution to these issues is the adjustment of the propane valve. 

A low or uneven flame causes inconvenience and ends up with half-cooked food.

The way you open the propane tank causes a significant effect on the burner’s flame. To make it convenient, try to adjust the valve slowly.

If you open the propane tank valve instantly at a high level or moderate level, it leads to a low flame. 

Slowly opening the valve solves all issues related to low or uneven flame. Adjusting this way, you may get a consistent blue flame.

If you’re still facing the same issue, remove the regulator from the tank and connect it again. Here is a complete article on Why is Blackstone Griddle Not Getting Hot? (6 Reasons)

4. Spray Oil is Perfect for Griddle Cooking!

Sometimes you may face a lot of trouble applying oil to the food; the same happens while cooking on the griddle.

When cooking on a griddle, you need to apply oil again and again. One of the easiest flat top grill cooking techniques to follow is to use oil spray bottles.

Spray bottles are now widely used, and very convenient yet effective way. People prefer them to regular douches or bottles. It allows you to apply a thin layer of oil, making perfect, less oily food ready!

Squirt bottles also offer the same features but are preferable for sauces; spray bottles work well for better oil application.

You can find almost all types of oils in spray bottles, either online or offline. Olive oil spray bottles and avocado spray bottles are primarily used in griddle cooking. 

5. Temperature Control

Blackstone’s griddles can reach over 650F, but you don’t need to worry about this high temperature. You can control the griddle temperature according to the specific meal.

The temperature of the griddle is adjustable like you bake in the oven; a specific temperature for each meal. Similarly, a griddle can control the temperature as low or high as you want.

Suppose you’re cooking bacon, steaks, or eggs; all of them are recommended to be cooked at specific temperatures.

You’ve to cook Eggs and pancakes at low temperatures, while steaks need high temperatures. 

For a griddle meal, 300F is Medium Low temperature while 375F-400F is Medium-High; you can almost cook everything between these temperatures.

If you want your meal brown and crispy, cook it at a shallow temperature. 

Use a Griddle Surface Thermometer: Consider using a surface thermometer placed on the griddle to get an accurate reading of the cooking surface’s temperature.

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6. Invest in the Proper Griddle Tools

When we talk about Blackstone griddle tips and tricks, we can’t forget the importance of the griddle’s must-have accessories.

Since the flat top griddle is a professional grade piece of equipment, you should have right cooking tools to get the most out of it.

You can buy several griddle accessories at some local stores or online at Amazon; Amazon offers a tool kit for Blackstone griddles. Some must-have tools are:

  • Spatulas: always try to keep at least two spatulas beside you while using the griddle. It helps you flip or carry your meal effectively. While you may have an array of spatulas in the kitchen, to get the best out of your griddle, we recommend buying two long metal spatulas. These spatulas are not only durable but they also allow you to transport and flip a large amount of food at the same time. They are also thin and flexible so you can scoop up things like a whole hash brown without dropping anything.
  • Infrared thermometer: keep a sharp eye on your griddle’s temperature; remember to griddle hack. An infrared thermometer helps you to determine the temperature of the grill this way; you can adjust it easily. 
  • Cover: another essential griddle tool is the basting cover. Cover your meal and let it cook for hours. People use these covers for melting cheese and cooking marinated chicken. 
  • Scraper: scrapers are other must-have accessories, as they are vital in cleaning Blackstone griddle. Spatulas are also used to scramble ingredients.
  • Tong: We also recommend at least one pair of long-handled metal tongs which will allow you to reach anywhere on the griddle without worrying about getting burned. 12 Best Must Have Griddle Accessories

7. Season the Cooking Surface

If you’re trying griddles for the first time or you’re a veteran user, seasoning your griddle is another must Blackstone griddle hack.

People complicate seasoning, and maintenance of griddles, but this process is pretty simple.

But why do we need to season any griddle? The reason is the residue and sticky crumbs of the last meal add a weird taste to your food.

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Like most high-quality cooking appliances, the cold rolled steel cooking surface of your flat top griddle needs to be properly seasoned to ensure optimal cooking results,

So you may be asking, “What is seasoning?” Before nonstick coating existed, there was only one way to make sure food didn’t stick to the cooking surface.

By creating a layer of burnt oil, you will not only achieve a perfect nonstick surface but will also protect the cooking surface from scratches and oxidation.

Fortunately, seasoning and maintaining an adequately seasoned griddle is simple. 

Seasoning acts as a guarding surface that protects the griddle over time. There are several ways to season your griddle for the first time; some are:

  • Start with a sponge bath: First, use soap and water to wash the griddle surface thoroughly to clean manufacturing debris. Use a cloth to dry the surface.
  • Apply oil to the surface. Next, apply a small amount of oil to the cooking surface. The best oil to use is with high smoke points such as vegetable or canola oil. Use a paper towel to spread the oil evenly across the surface.
  • Heat griddle surface: Turn on all four burners and set the temperature to 275 Fahrenheit. Wait until the oil begins to smoke, and the surface begins to darken. once it is smoking turn off the burners and allow them to cool repeat this process two to three more times until the entire surface even the dark now your griddle is naturally non-stick and protected from damage and rust.
  • Start with a sponge bath: First, use dish soap and water to wash the cooking surface thoroughly to clean manufacturing debris. Use a cloth to dry the surface.
  • Apply oil to the surface: Next, apply a small amount of oil to the cooking surface. The best oils are those with a high smoke point, such as vegetable and canola oils. Use a paper towel to spread the oil evenly across the surface.
  • Add oil to the surface: When the griddle cools, add oil or any griddle conditioner. Flame on the burner and let it cook for 10-15 minutes till it stops smoking.
  • Heat griddle surface: Turn on all four burners and set the temperature to 375 Fahrenheit. Wait until the oil begins to smoke, and the surface begins to darken. Once it is smoking, turn off the burners and allow it to cool. How Hot Does A Blackstone Griddle Get?
  • Repeat the seasoning process: One round of this process won’t be enough; repeat this process two to three more times until the entire surface is evenly dark. 

Now your griddle is naturally non-stick and protected from damage and rust.

8. Griddle Cleaning Tips

Like other cooking appliances, cleaning the Blackstone griddle is also essential for long-term use. Don’t forget to clean and season your new griddle as it removes dust and other industrial residues. 

How to Clean Blackstone Griddle Rust? (4 TIPS TO PREVENT RUST)

After each use, you will want to clean your griddle but your griddle should not be cleaned like regular pots and pans.

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Since you want to build up a nice coating of seasoning to protect your griddle and get the best possible results, you need to make sure not to use things like dish soap to clean the cooking surface.

Most detergents have grease-cutting ingredients and this will eat right through your layer of seasoning. The best way to clean your griddle after cooking is the way the pros do it in restaurants: with griddle scraper and hot water.

You can purchase a scraper which is designed to get rid of any bits of food left behind without sacrificing the seasoning layer you have achieved.

To remove things like fat or sauces, washing with very hot water will dissolve most things, which you can then scrape away.

While you don’t have to season your griddle after every cleaning continuous seasoning ensures that it will stay dark and shiny.

Step-by-step cleaning tips for Blackstone griddle are as follows:

  • First of all, let it cool down completely. So that you may not get burned while cleaning, which also affects the griddle.
  • Now, scrap the left sticky food, sauces, or juices from the top-grill surface. For this purpose, uses a metal scraper. After that, wipe off the surface with a paper towel.
  • You can also add hot water to the surface if the surface is still greasy. 
  • Now Gently rub the top-grill surface with a non-metallic scrubber. 
  • Rinse off residual water with paper towels or a lint-free cloth. Apply a thin coat of oil on this surface with a cloth or paper towel.

9. Spray Water!

Another useful Blackstone grill tip is to sprinkle water whenever you feel a high temperature. Water is essential while cooking on a griddle. You can spray it to steam vegetables or other meals. 

Water is beneficial while scrapping residue from your meal. Spray it and then use a scraper to clean the surface.

Water helps to scrap off the black and brown residue from the top-grill surface.

If you have been cooking on the griddle for a long time and want to add another meal, spray some water and place the meal.

You can cook steamed vegetables, fish, and salmons by sprinkling water after little intervals. Your steam meal is ready to serve!

10. Keep Your Griddle Work From Season to Season 

Maintaining your Blackstone griddle in top-notch condition is the key to ensuring it continues to deliver exceptional cooking results season after season.

Because you are most likely going to keep a griddle outside, you need to make sure to do a few things before you store it and before you use it again after being stored.

Before you store, make sure to disconnect the gas tank. You can also purchase a cover for the griddle to keep out insects, mice, mold, and dust.

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When you are ready to start, make sure to check the burner area for spider webs, which are flammable and can cause flare-ups if you do not clean them out before cooking.

Check the level in your gas tank. You can weigh the propane level in the gas tank by following these steps. Make sure you have enough fuel to start cooking.

Once the tank is attached and ready to cook, it is a good idea to perform a fresh season on the cooking surface. Simply follow the instructions provided earlier, and your griddle will be as good as new.

11. Safety Tips for Blackstone Griddle

Whenever you’re working with some equipment or tools, especially in the kitchen, you always need to consider some preventive measures. You must be careful while cooking on the Blackstone griddle so that you may not face any accidents. 

With proper precautions, you will experience safe cooking without any problem with your griddle.

There are several safety tips you need to consider while using a griddle; here are some safety measures we selected for you. Ensure to be careful about these necessary precautions and maintenance to avoid accidents. 

  • Ensure to avoid loose clothes as they may touch the cooking griddle and can catch fire. So, wear fit clothes, a good apron, and non-slippery shoes. 
  • Another recommended safety tip is using the right tools, i.e., use utensils that don’t get too hot. These tools may include a pair of spatulas, forks, tongs, and heat-resistant gloves. Hand Gloves are a must whether you’re cooking or cleaning a griddle.
  • Use these Blackstone griddles in outdoor open spaces or in your backyard. Use enough ventilation so you can’t hurt in case of any leaks.
  • If you have small kids, try to cover this griddle adequately. Keep children away from the griddle while you’re cooking o it to avoid them from a warm surface. 
  • Take proper care of things spreading beside the griddle and avoid plastic bags or other flammable stuff close to the top-grill surface. These fire-hazard materials can ruin your whole cooking.
  • In case of any leakage or gas smell, stop cooking instantly. Now put a damp cloth on the propane tank, and you’re safe!

Final Words: Blackstone Hacks

Cooking on a Blackstone griddle is easy and convenient for preparing your meals. You’ll enjoy griddle cooking using these Blackstone grill hacks and tricks.   

Whether you’re a pro cook or a new griddle user, grab these Blackstone griddle cooking tips to upgrade your cooking experience. Check out our other blogs regarding grills and griddles. 

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