The Best Guide to Blackstone Griddle Cooking Temperature Chart

The Blackstone griddle is a multipurpose cooking surface that can be used for anything from frying, and searing, to even baking.

Griddle Cooking Temperature Chart

If you are new to griddle cooking, the more you use your griddle, the more comfortable you’ll be in deciding what heat setting is appropriate for different types of food.

To cook your food to perfection, you need to know the correct griddle cooking temperature.

The Blackstone Griddle cooking temperature chart can help you determine the perfect cooking temperature for your dish.

It is important to know that not all griddles have the same cooking temperatures.

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Blackstone Griddle Cooking Or Heat Zones

We cook different foods at different heat levels.

You might be interested in slow cooking-where food is cooked on low heat to prepare a juicy, tender dish.

For fatty and thick cuts of meat, you may want to stick to low and slow.

How Hot Does A Blackstone Griddle Get?

Now, let’s talk about fast cooking on high heat. For example, think about those perfectly cooked burgers seared in high heat and cooked in no time.

Then there are some foods that are cooked on medium heat.

Blackstone temperature guide

The Blackstone griddle provides three cooking zones, low, medium, and high heat, which can be used simultaneously.

The biggest model of Blackstone griddle has four burners, so you can cook up on four different heat zones.

  • High heat: This cooking zone cooks food quickly and in less time. This is similar to how cooking is done on the frying pan or on a very hot griddle.
  • Medium heat: This is similar to most cooking devices, like ovens and skillets. It will take you approximately the same amount of time as when you make pancakes, eggs, and toast.
  • Low heat: You can cook food that takes more time on low heat. This is the kind of cooking you get on a charcoal grill or on a low-heat griddle.
FoodHeating Zone
Sear Meat and PoultryHigh Heat
Meat and PoultrySlow Cook on Low Heat
SeafoodMedium-High Heat
VegetablesMedium Heat
BreakfastMedium Heat
Griddle temperature chart

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Blackstone Griddle Cooking Temperature Chart

Printable griddle cooking temperature chart

There are many griddle temperature charts on the internet. What follows is only a very brief guide and should be enough for someone new to get started.

The above temperature chart is a convenient Blackstone temperature guide for different types of food.

We can use this chart as a reference for cooking temperatures and times for steak, burgers, fish, chicken, pork, and so on.

As you spend time cooking on a griddle and get to know your own preferences, you’ll also learn more about the temperature of different food items.

This should help you cook what suits your taste best.

The best way to measure the internal cooking temperature of different foods is a meat thermometer or probe thermometer.

These are the most accurate ways to measure because we insert them into the food, which measures the internal temperature of the food.

Use an infrared thermometer to get the temperature of the griddle.

Below, I have described a very general rule of thumb for the griddle temperature chart.

There are lots of griddle cooking charts on the Internet that have great detail at specific temperatures.

This one is just a real overview, which I think is enough for the new grill owner because you don’t need to overthink it.

1. Foods that are cooked at low temperatures of 300-325 F on Blackstone Griddle

I will start at the low cooking temperature on a griddle which is 300 to 325 degrees. It is where we can cook eggs, omelets, toast, bread, buns, and hot dogs.

To make the perfect eggs and omelets, you need very low temperatures. If you heat the griddle up too high, they’ll burn quite rapidly.

A temperature of 300-310 F is the perfect level to cook eggs.

Hot dogs require temperatures below 325 degrees Fahrenheit for cooking. For the hot dogs you could do a little higher if you want but you just run the risk of burning, especially hot dogs can burn from the outside and the insides remain uncooked.

If you’re in no hurry, just do it low and slow, in my opinion, and do not go over 325 F. You will burn them away before you get a chance to flip them.

You can use omelets and egg rings like the Cuisinart egg ring set and make perfect-looking fried eggs between 300 and 325.

How To Cook Hash Browns On A Blackstone Griddle

2. General Cooking at medium temperatures of 350-375 F degrees on Blackstone griddle

The good thing about cooking at 350°F to 375°F is that you can make pretty much anything, including grilled chicken, ground beef, fried rice, sausages, bacon, pancakes, potatoes, vegetables, and regular hamburger (not a smash burger), and steak after you have seared it.

The internal temperature of the grilled chicken should reach 165 F while being cooked at this temperature, according to the USDA’s food safety guidelines.

The temperature for pancakes is 350 to 375 F. So 350F is in the middle of the range at which your oven usually turns on after it’s initially preheated. For the best outer caramelization and internal doneness, set your griddle temperature at 350-375F.

If you are looking for quick and easy recipes, here is a list of the best recipes book for Blackstone griddle Best Blackstone Griddle Cookbook

3. Foods that need to be cooked at 425 to 450 F.

The high-end on the griddle cooking temperature chart is 425 F to 450 F, where you would sear steaks, and cook your smash burgers.

When you sear a steak, you take a couple of minutes per side, then you move the griddle temperature back to 350F and you don’t cook the entire time at a high temperature.

While you can cook, smash burgers for the entire time at a high temperature because they are so thin and can cook perfectly.

Cooking anything above 450F on a griddle, in my opinion, is just not necessary, like no one really cooks it in any of the restaurants.

Some people just like to crank the grill’s heat up to the max, but it’s not a temperature you would use for cooking.

So these are the three zones on the griddle cooking temperature chart that I try to cook at. I hope you found this helpful.

What is medium heat on a griddle?

The exact temperature that corresponds to “medium heat” on a griddle can vary depending on the specific griddle and the type of heat source being used.

In general, however, medium heat on a griddle is typically around 375-450 degrees Fahrenheit.

This temperature is hot enough to allow for proper searing and browning of food, but not so hot that it will burn the food or cause excessive smoke.

To determine the correct temperature for medium heat on your griddle, you can consult the owner’s manual or the manufacturer’s website.

Some griddles may also have a temperature control dial or a built-in thermometer that can help you determine the correct temperature for medium heat.

If you are using a gas Blackstone griddle, you can also use the “medium” setting on the gas control knob to adjust the heat.

It’s a good idea to experiment with different heat settings and monitor the temperature carefully to find the right setting for your Blackstone griddle and your cooking needs.

How do you measure the surface temperature of a Blackstone griddle?

The surface temperature of a griddle is the temperature that is used to cook the food.

It’s important to know the griddle’s surface temperature because it will affect how well the food cooks, how long it takes to cook the food, and how much fat or oil is needed.

Here is a list of 10 Best Oil For Blackstone Griddle Cooking(SMOKE POINT, FLAVOR, HEALTH BENEFIT)

There are several Blackstone temperature gauges for measuring the surface temperature of the griddle.

An infrared digital thermometer is best as a griddle surface thermometer and can measure temperatures ranging from -58℉ to 1022℉/-50℃ to 550℃, and you can choose the unit from ℉/℃.

Here is my recommendation for Blackstone’s temperature gauge.

You can also use ThermoPro Food Thermometer to check both the internal temperatures of food as well as the surface temperature of the griddle. To check the surface temperature of your griddle, you can actually hold the probe end in your hand and put it on the surface. Just make sure it’s completely dry and clean beforehand.

There is an old-school way of gauging the heat on a grill using water.

Splash the griddle with water. If the water just sits there and starts to steam, you are around 300°F. If the water dances away, then you’re 350°F. If the water pops, then you’re closer to 400°F.

Wrap Up: Blackstone Griddle Temperature Chart

As you spend more time with your griddle and experiment with different recipes, you will also learn about which temperatures work best for different foods to suit your own personal tastes.

I hope this Blackstone temperature guide will come in handy.

Practice makes perfect when cooking on the griddle, so get out and experiment.

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