Why Is My Blackstone Griddle Flaking [Quick Fixes]

Is your Blackstone griddle flaking and peeling? There’s no need to panic! In this guide, we’ll walk you through some quick and effective fixes for Blackstone flaking and how to stop it from happening again.

why is my blackstone griddle flaking
Blackstone griddle coating coming off

Only Blackstone users can understand my feelings when I found that my beloved griddle had started

It was annoying to find flakes in my delicious smash burger and I knew I had to do something
about it.

Luckily, with a little reseasoning and extra care, Blackstone griddles can last a lifetime.

In this grillcuisines.com guide, you will learn about:

— Reasons Why is my Blackstone griddle flaking

–How to fix Blackstone flaking and resurface a griddle

— And much more!

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Why Is My Blackstone Griddle Flaking?

Why is My Blackstone Griddle Coating Coming Off? Griddle flaking is the gradual deterioration of the seasoning layer on the griddle’s cooking surface. This layer is typically made of oil and acts as a protective barrier for the metal underneath.

The first step is to decode the black coating coming off your Blackstone griddle. When you first bought your Blackstone griddle, you must have prepped it for use through proper cleaning and seasoning.

Sometimes, that seasoning starts flaking off and the griddle eventually needs to be scraped off and then reseasoned.

For starters, you should understand how to season and prepare your Blackstone griddle so that it stays on for longer cooks.

To that end, read my Starter Guide to Blackstone Griddles.

Next, let’s go through several factors that may cause your Blackstone griddle to catch rust or start peeling. 

There could be several reasons why your Blackstone griddle is flaking. Here are some common causes:

1- Worn or Thin Seasoning:

Over time, the seasoning on your griddle may wear down or become too thin, resulting into blackstone coating coming off.

If the griddle was not properly seasoned before use or if the seasoning has worn off over time, the surface of the griddle may start to peel.

Some seasonings like bacon fat have a high sodium and phosphate content. These additives can create weak seasoning and make your griddle flake earlier.

2- High Heat:

Excessive heat, especially if the griddle is at a very high temperature for extended periods, it can cause the seasoning to break down and result in Blackstone peeling.

3- Moisture Exposure:

Prolonged exposure to moisture or cooking foods with high water content, like tomatoes or citrus fruits, can weaken the seasoning.

This can result in the seasoning becoming less effective and potentially lead to Blackstone flaking off over time.

4- Use of Abrasive Cleaning Products:

Using abrasive cleaning tools or harsh chemicals to clean the griddle can strip away the seasoning. It’s important to use gentle cleaning methods and tools that won’t damage the seasoning layer if you want to maintain a well-seasoned griddle surface and prevent Blackstone peeling.

Soap is a degreaser that can break down the seasoning layer and chip it off prematurely.

5- Uneven Seasoning Application:

If the seasoning oil isn’t applied evenly during the initial seasoning process, it can result in uneven seasoning and potential flaking.

It is important to ensure a thorough and even application of seasoning oil to build a strong and durable seasoning layer on your griddle, which helps prevent future issues like Blackstone griddle coating coming off.

6- Low-Quality Seasoning Oil:

The type of oil used for seasoning can impact its durability. Using oils with a low smoke point or unsuitable for high-heat cooking can lead to Blackstone paint peeling.

I always opt for oils with a higher smoke point, like vegetable oil or flaxseed oil, because they can withstand the high heat and help create a more durable seasoning layer.

7- Cooking Acidic Foods:

Cooking acidic foods directly on the griddle without proper care can cause the seasoning to break down due to the corrosive nature of acids.

8- Scratches and Damage:

Physical damage to the griddle’s surface, like deep scratches or gouges, can compromise the seasoning and result in Blackstone chipping.

9- Using Salt:

If you have been using a lot of salt in your recipes or using it to clean the griddle surface then that is one of the main causes for Blackstone’s flaking. Salt causes seasoning to dry up and chip off quickly.

10-Thick Seasoning:

The first layer of oil may be too thick for seasoning to bind properly causing Blackstone peeling to occur. While seasoning the Blackstone griddle, you need to smoke it off for half an hour before you coat it with oil.

How To Fix Blackstone Flaking?

The only way to prevent burned Blackstone from peeling and flaking on your griddle is through its timely cleaning.

However, if you find yourself in that unbearable situation, you need to know how to repair the griddle top and bring it back to its former glory.

Tools you need:

It is worth investing in some maintenance for your griddle. Here are a few must-have accessories you may need for fixing the black coating coming off the Blackstone griddle.

Spade and Spatula:

Via- Amazon.com

This spatula and spade set will not only help you in cooking but also plays a major role in cleaning the griddle. If you own a flat-top griddle, you cannot live without this kit. These metal spades and spatulas are a must-have for scraping off the Blackstone flaking.

Scouring Scrubbers:

This pack of 10 retails at a cheap price on Amazon and is a great investment for easily scrubbing off burnt Blackstone peeling.

Grill Stone: These pumice stones are a must-have during the reseasoning process. It does not absorb the gunk; hence, it can be used for several cleanings. It is also non-abrasive which prevents damaging the griddle.

This griddle conditioner is the top-selling one on Amazon and retails at the cheapest rate as well. It creates a slick and non-stick griddle surface which prevents Blackstone flaking and rust from developing for longer periods.

Paint and Rust Scraper:
3M Paint and Rust Stripper
This rust stripper is designed so it follows the contours of your griddle top to create an even surface after the job is done. The strong disc shape cuts through griddle peelings quickly and strips through evenly.

Orbital Sander
It is compact yet a high-efficiency cleaning tool. This sander comes with a built-in dust collection bag to collect all the flakes and dust while you use it.


How To Restrip And Reseason Blackstone Griddle

How To Restrip And Reseason Blackstone Griddle

Step 1: Turn on your Blackstone griddle at a high setting for a little while. Once the surface is hot, use a metal scraper from your griddle spatula set and scrape off the burnt Blackstone peeling.

Make sure to use even pressure so you can scrape off an even layer of the flakes. Do not leave any chips or cracks on the griddle surface before moving to the next step. Take your time!

how to fix blackstone flaking

Step 2: Let the griddle cool down before cleaning off all the flakes with a paper towel or scouring pad.

Step 3: Now add 2-3 tablespoons of canola on the griddle surface.

Step 4: Take your grill pumice stone and start working on the griddle top till the black coating from the Blackstone griddle is completely removed.

Use even pressure and a circular motion to scrub your griddle top smoothly. The aim is to resurface the griddle with an even look so be sure to focus on the cracked areas more.

Don’t forget the sides and edges!

Step 5: Clean up the oil with a metal scraper and remove the remaining gunk with paper towels. Keep repeating steps 3 and 4 if you feel the Blackstone griddle flaking has not been scrubbed off completely. Once clean, move on to Step 6.

Step 6: Reseason your Blackstone griddle evenly to prevent future Blackstone peelings.

Can You Resurface A Blackstone Griddle?

Sometimes the damage to your griddle is far beyond reseasoning but it is never beyond salvaging. Even with the worst Blackstone griddle paint peeling job, stripping down your griddle and resurfacing it is always possible.

  1. To strip your Blackstone griddle, fix a paint and rust stripper with a power drill to quickly cut through all the flaking and chippings. Take your time while doing this to make sure all the gunk is gone.
  2. Use a face mask and hand gloves as a precaution for this next step.
  3. Take your orbital sander to clean away any residue of Blackstone griddle flaking. Stop when you reach the original surface of your griddle.
  4. To resurface your griddle, you will follow similar steps as that of reseasoning. Use the reseasoning oil in thin, even layers and on high heat to reinstall your griddle for future use.
  5. Remember, the seasoning needs to be spread in a thin layer always, otherwise, your griddle will chip off sooner than expected and you shall be back to square one.

Preventing Blackstone Flaking And Peeling

The only way to prevent Blackstone paint peeling is to clean it after every use.

The problem occurs only when you let the gunk build up by never cleaning up after cooking on it. Seasoning it regularly is also essential for keeping your Blackstone griddle from peeling.

Always use a metal scraper to scrape off the food gunk and oil build-up on your griddle top after you are done cooking your favorite Blackstone smash burgers or any other recipe.

After you are done with the scraping, squirt some water on the griddle top and use paper towels to clean the gunk thoroughly.

You can repeat this step multiple times to completely clean your griddle top.

Cleaning while the Blackstone griddle is off but still hot makes the whole cleaning process much easier. And before you close the lid on your Blackstone, spread a thin and even layer of canola oil on the top to prepare for the next meal you cook.

Let’s wrap it up!

Do not beat yourself up if you face Blackstone griddle flaking and peeling issues. It happens to most professional chefs as well.

One cannot always clean and oil the griddle top properly because life happens! You may be in a rush to serve your guests or slice that warm brisket bark and forget to clean up.

Just remember, no matter how extensive the Blackstone peeling damage is, your Blackstone griddle will always be salvageable and good for use after stripping and resurfacing.

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