What’s Your Grill Name? (30 Funny Traeger Grill Names)

A Traeger grill is a popular cooking appliance that has become a household name. They are known for their quality and performance and have a loyal fan following.

Funny Traeger Grill Names
Funny Traeger Grill Names

But what’s the best way to show your love for this grill? With a funny and creative name, of course!

Traeger has an application that allows you to personalize the Traeger grill names of your choice.

Some of them can be quite boring and uninspiring.

A lot of people also use the app with more than one grill. So they need to be able to differentiate between each one in the app for tracking purposes.

It is fun and can be an enjoyable experience to give your Traeger a unique name in the app and in general.

If you are not sure what name to give to your grill and need help coming up with a name for her.

Don’t worry, I’ve done the hard work for you.

Here are some funny Traeger grill names recommendations from forums like Reddit and friends in the grilling community.

If you are into funny grill quotes check out 40+ Funny Grilling And BBQ Puns.

Top 30 Funny Traeger Grill Names

What are you going to call your new Traeger grill? A lot of people have a hard time coming up with a creative name for their grill.

Now, remember, I’m not a comedian 😜, but these are some of the best funny Traeger names.

The app asks for a name when you create your account and then it assigns your grill a number based on what was entered into the input box.

If you don’t want to be stuck with whatever grill nickname it gives you, then just don’t enter anything into the input box when creating an account.

You can start by getting your creative juices flowing to create something of your own.

So here is a list of the top 30 creative and funny grill names for your new Traeger grill.


The Great Grillini Traegersaurus Rex


Sir Smokes-a-lot

Meat sweats

Big Papa Smoke

The Bandit

Smokestack Lightning

Meat Slayer

Puff the Magic Smoker

Grandpa Smokey

Puff daddy

-Pop Smoke

Midnight Toker



-The Barbecue King

Papa Smoky’s

Smoke Daddy

Meat Temple

The Hot Shot Grill

The Meat Maker

The Roast Master

The Baconator

Iron Beast

Twisted Fire-starter

Grilly McGrillface

Darth Traeger

Happy Grillmore


I’m a Joker I’m a Smoker

Hot box

Smokey boi


Grillzilla 3.

BBQ Beast

Grill Master 5000

Meat Machine

Charcoal Commander

-Flame Master

Flame Thrower


You can also opt to not name your Traeger, in which case the app will automatically assign a default name such as Traeger Grill.

How To Reset Traeger WiFIRE

Can’t Get My Traeger To Connect To WiFi/WiFIRE

Most of the time, it is easier to name one’s Traeger the same as the ‘person name Traeger’ this is perfectly fine and is totally up to you.

The app asks for a name when you create your account and then it assigns your grill a number based on what was entered into the input box.

So it’s up to you whether you want to stick to the default name or choose something more serious.

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