How long to smoke chicken breast? (At200, 225, 250, 275)

You can grill and roast chicken breast but the smokey flavor of a smoke chicken breast is unmatchable. But knowing How long to smoke chicken breast is a tricky tale.

how long to smoke chicken breast

Our Guide to Smoked Chicken shares the golden rule that the internal done temp of chicken is 165 F. Beyond 165 F you get a tough chicken breast with little to no moisture.

Ultimate Guide To Smoked Chicken Temp And Time (Tips & Chart)

How long to smoke chicken breast at 225?

One of the most frustrating parts of smoking a chicken is when the skin turns out tough and rubbery. The goal is to cook the meat through, but it’s difficult to tell through the smoke and skin on top.

The optimum smoke chicken temp is 225 F and the time to smoke chicken breast at this temp is about 75 minutes with a resting time of 10 minutes for redistributing its juices along with that perfect smokey flavor. Smoke chicken breast is best smoked in a wood pellet grill, with the skin off and definitely no turning of the chicken breast during the process.

Smoke Chicken Breast Temperature:

Smoke Chicken Breast TempSmoke Chicken Breast Time (per pound approximately)Resting TimeOutcome
180 F90-100 minutes10-15 minutesHigh smokey flavor and a long cooking time for a bigger portion of chicken breast.
200 F80 minutes10 minutesGood smokey flavor and moist smoke chicken breasts.
225 F75 minutes10 minutesConsidered as the optimum cooking time, with the optimum distribution of juices and nice smoke flavor.
250 F70 minutes/pound10 minutesConsidered as the optimum cooking time, with the optimum distribution of juices and nice smoke flavor.
275 F60 minutes (0.7 pounds)10 minutesA dry chicken with a bit of moist texture in the center.
325 F45 minutes (0.7 pounds)5-8 minutesTough chicken with little to no moistness
smoked chicken breast temperature chart

Smoking chicken breast: Skin on vs. skin off

This depends on your preference. If you want a juicy, succulent chicken breast then skin off is definitely the route to take.

However, if you are interested in having crispy chicken skin then go with skin on. Just keep in mind that although 225 F is a great smoked chicken breast temp for the skin on option.

For skin off, you may get a chewy and rubbery chicken.

The best is to raise the smoked chicken breast temp from 300 F to 325 F to get that crispy and dry chicken texture for the skin-on option. Yes, it will not give as smokey a flavor as you would like.

Smoking chicken breast: Bone in vs. Boneless

According to they tried various scenarios to understand temp and time for smoked chicken breast with bone in and boneless options.

They tested how long to smoke chicken breast at temperatures of 275 F and 325 F respectively. They found that best smoked chicken breast option was the boneless one smoked at 275 F.

It was optimum for that perfect smokey flavor as well the juicy texture of the smoked chicken breast.

Tips for smoking Boneless chicken breast

Tip 1: Brining

This single step is important for locking the juices of smoke chicken breast before it is even cooked.

The process is to make a mix of sugar and salt in warm water and let them sit in it for about 1-2 hours in a fridge. The chicken will come out juicy and flavorful every time.

Tip 2: Seasoning

The best seasoning for smoke chicken breast is a combo of your favorite spices like onion, garlic powders, paprika, and brown sugar. Roll both sides of the breast for the even distribution of flavor.

Tip 3: Chicken breast should be evenly sized

These will not only be best for cooking evenly at the set smoke chicken breast temp but also perfect for even distribution of flavors during seasoning.

When is smoked chicken breast done?

               The internal temp for smoked chicken breast at which it is deemed edible is 165 F and should be reached for safe cooking and eating guidelines.

Resting smoked chicken breast

               After pulling it from the smoker, wrap it up in foil for juices to be evenly distributed and the meat retaining its moist properties. Check the internal temp of the smoke chicken breast is at 165 F before you slice and serve.

Time to smoke chicken breast

An hour is an approximate time to answer this question. However, chicken breast is always smoked to internal temperature and not according to time.

Pull the meat at 160 F from the smoker and rest it in foil or a foil tent for about 10 minutes. Use an instant read thermometer to find if internal smoke chicken breast temp reaches 165 F. Slice and serve!

Smoking chicken breasts in an electric smoker:

Smoking the chicken in an electric smoker with a water pan is much easier and requires less time than traditional smoking.

In an electric smoker, skinless and boneless chicken breasts are the best to smoke. If you’re cooking for a large group and want to save a lot of time, this might be the best option for you.

8 Best Wood Chips for Electric Smoker

Smoking chicken breast in an electric smoker will take about an hour and ten minutes. You do not need to brine for this recipe if you opt just to use an hour’s smoking time, but if you are going to use a brine then be sure to allow yourself 2-4 hours before starting. This way the chicken will have soaked up the flavors in the brine as it cooks.

The temp for smoking chicken breast in an electric smoker is 225°F (107°C). You can use any flavored wood chips but cherry, peach, and apple will go perfectly with chicken breast.

Can You Put Aluminum Foil On An Electric Grill?

Smoking chicken breast in a pellet grill

Pellet grills provide a juicier and smokier chicken breast. Applewood pellets are the best to use in wood pellet grills.

For a crunchier crust, smoke chicken breast at 225 F till its internal temperature reaches 115 F. Then crank it up to 375 F and smoke until its internal temperature reaches 165 F. This might give you a dry but crispy smoke chicken breast dish.

Optimum temperature & time for smoking chicken breast:

Smoked chicken breasts’ time and temperature rely completely on the breasts, the kind of smoker being used, and the heat delivery system of such contraptions.

The optimum temp for smoke chicken breast is 225 F for maximum smokiness along with retaining its original juiciness. The optimum time for smoking chicken breasts at 225 F has been found to be one hour and ten minutes approximately. Remember, we smoke chicken breast to its safe internal temperature of 165 F and not according to some general timetable.


Do you flip chicken breasts when smoking?

The best way to keep all the juices is not to flip the chicken breast while it’s being smoked. Juices will redistribute when wrapped in foil during resting phases.

How long it takes to smoke chicken breast at 225?

The optimum time for smoke chicken breasts at 225 F has been found to be one hour and ten minutes approximately.

Which smoker/grill is best for smoke chicken breasts recipe?

An electric smoker is great for new grill masters, however, any wood pellet grill is best for intense smokey flavors and a thorough cook.

Which wood pellets are best for a wood pellet grill for cooking smoke chicken breast?

Cherry and apple wood chips are considered best for smoking chicken breast recipes. Get mild and subtle wood chips like these to complement your bird.

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